This’n That

I haven’t been in blog-land all week. Did you notice? I did. There were several days I felt like blogging, but I didn’t feel like trying to type on the iPad. I still haven’t got used to doing that. If it was all I did all the time I’m sure I could, but I simply like using regular keyboards better. I can go much faster too. 🙂 Doesn’t really improve my spelling though.

I spent the week with my parents and Oma, and siblings. It was fun! The lads stayed at Mom’s house, which they love! 🙂 It’s good for them to get some grandparent time in. Still structure, but a lot softer. Ha ha! I did have to lay down the law a couple of times, but overall they did great! I will say that there is one particular Veggie Tales show that I wouldn’t be sorry to NEVER see again. 😉 It seems to be a favorite with the 3 grandkids who care though, so I’ll probably be overruled. At least it lives at Grandma’s house and not mine!! I’ll even take Dora over that one again! Ha!

It was fun to “getaway” but I did miss my man pretty badly. We don’t function so well when we’re not together. BUT going away does play a part in that it’s-so-wonderful-to-be-home feeling. I was very happy to get back home, and the boys were too. Although Qade was already planning his next trip to stay with his grandparents! He kept telling Stuart and me that “It’s next weekend now.” I’m not sure what his little brain was equating with “next weekend” but he mentioned it to us about a dozen times in the course of last evening. 😀

NEXT WEEKEND we are going to set up our Christmas tree!! I’m looking forward to it. While in “the big city” I went shopping at *gasp* Wal-Mart! I found some shatterproof ornaments for our tree this year. Believe me the shatterproof part is what sold me on them! That is a feature we need in this house for sure!! I’m hoping we can decorate our whole tree this year AND leave it on the floor. 🙂 Ella is too itty bitty to redecorate and I think the lads are old enough to be able to control the temptation to play with all the ornaments…. we’ll see. 😉 But Qade certainly remembers our tree from last year, and is excited about having a Christmas tree again. I’m excited that our shopping is nearly done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to Ross this week hoping to find some wearable clothes. *sigh* That was a depressing experience. I know it’s only been 8 weeks since I had a baby, but I do so hate feeling fat! Perspective is so funny. The clothing that I wore before when I felt “fat” now seem like “skinny” clothes. 😉 So I didn’t leave the store with amazing self-confidence, but I found a couple of things I can wear “out” that will help me not feel like I’m wandering around in jammies all the time. 😉 And hopefully this will be a swift transitional time. Gotta get this weight off!! And for me losing weight in the winter is SO difficult. I don’t know why it should be. I don’t eat a lot, and in fact my appetite has been quite low. Still, it just doesn’t “come off” like it tends to in the spring/summer.

I’m determined though! I borrowed my mom’s recumbent bike so that I can exercise in the house. My elliptical is in the garage, and I just HATE to go out there to workout. So, my plan (for now) includes working on the bike in the mornings after breakfast while Ella naps. Then in the evening Stu and I can workout together. He doesn’t like to use the machines because he “doesn’t like to run and not be going anywhere.” He’ll use the weights while I elliptical-ize. 🙂 It’s fun to go out there with my Hurb, but I just don’t like the garage when I’m alone…. hence one of the reasons I haven’t been doing it. There are others. Hopefully by Monday I’ll be feeling human enough to actually start this routine. I know that I need to be moving more than I am. Too bad housework doesn’t make you skinny.

My Dad took me shopping at Costco this week too. That was fun! I found some Christmas gifts, yippee, and some COFFEE!! Waa-hoo!! AND some teriyaki chicken bowls that I love!! They are microwave meals that make a fantastic lunch for me. Only 430 calories, and ya get steamed veggies, teriyaki chicken and rice! LOVE them!! My lunches are smooshed between trying to feed the lads, get them down to nap, and do the same with Ella. So the convenience of these meals is great! I also plan on making a pot of split pea soup this week. That’ll be good for 3 or 4 days lunches right there. I need to plan ahead so I don’t just “graze” at lunch time. Ha ha!

Well the weather is trying to tell us that we will have snow tomorrow. I didn’t believe it at first, but as the day has gone on and the wind picked up and temp seems to be getting colder, it just might happen! I’m still not excessively thrilled at the prospect, BUT I’m getting more into the Christmas spirit, so it wouldn’t be too bad if it did snow. Still, I won’t mind if it does decide to hold off for another couple weeks. 🙂

Hope you’ve been having a good week. I’ll post some pictures later of a quick photo-shoot I did with my niece and Ella in their cute Christmas dresses.