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I have a sink (actually 2) full of dishes that need to be placed in the dishwasher, but I really don’t want to do it! I have a laundry basket (and dryer) full of clothes that need to be folded and put away, but I don’t want to do that either. 🙂 There are lad’s toys scattered all over the floor that really need to be put away (especially as I keep stepping on them!) but I do not want to do that. So what I’ve chosen to do is sit at the computer and since nothing is happening in Facebook land, bore you with all the mundaneness of my life. 😀 How’s that for fun?

I’ve been reading a book that is supposed to help you save hundreds on your grocery/food bills. There are some pretty swell tips in there, though I have to say that so far there were no “ah-ha” revelations in there for me. I guess I’m already pretty frugal in my food shopping. Still I want to improve so I’m trying some of the techniques, and tips. One thing she suggested is to get ground beef (although she calls it “hamburger.” Which is a peeve of mine. It drives me crazy, for really no good reason, when people call it hamburger! ARG! Yes, it can be a hamburger, but it’s NOT unless you MAKE hamburgers with it!!!) when it’s on sale in larger quantities and then cook it all up as soon as you get home to use in later dishes. Good idea! It saves time, and money, in the long run. So today I cooked up two big panfuls of ground beef and stored some in the fridge to use in chili tomorrow and the rest I dished out into zip-baggies for future meals. Woo-hoo me! 😉 I have looked into that OAMC (once a month cooking) cult rage, but I just haven’t had the motivation to actually do it. And I just don’t want to sacrifice a whole Saturday (because there’s no way I could do it with the kids underfoot) to cooking even if it makes the rest of the month easier. Perhaps if I worked outside the home and still wanted to have mostly home cooked meals I might be more interested.

Anyway… tomorrow. *sigh*

I have to have an outpatient procedure done at the hospital tomorrow. 🙁 Bah-humbug! It should be no big deal, and I’ll be glad to get it done and over with, but I have to admit that I am a touch nervous. I’ve never been under anesthesia before so I’m not looking forward to that part. I think the aftermath of that is what I’m dreading more than the soreness/pain that might be involved. The nurse told me not to pick up my kids for the 24 hours after, “Just to be safe.” And not to go out to eat either even though I will be completely starved since I can’t eat anything after midnight tonight and the procedure isn’t till 2 ish tomorrow. Oh well. Pray for me if you think about it. My in-laws will be here riding herd with the boys and Ella, so that’s good. Hopefully I’ll be able to take it easy for a couple of days, but I do hate to be “down and out” and would rather be able to take care of my little fam myself, ya know?? I mean it’s one thing if I’m taking a vacation and enjoying myself, but I think this hardly counts. 😉

We had a cold snap in the weather this week. It’s as if it suddenly remembered that it’s November and it should be getting colder. The wind is blowing today and I have to say that just the sound of that makes me shiver! Not that it’s cold in here! We’re nice and toasty with the trusty wood-stove. It’s quite brisk outside though for sure. I didn’t have the heart to kick the boys out there this morning, though they probably could have used some outside time.

I’m re-instituting room time into our schedule. We haven’t been doing it since the girls stopped coming over, but I think it’ll add a bit more sanity into our morning times here. Now I’m separating the lads and letting them alternate days on room time. Myles had his today and did exceptionally well with it. Yesterday was Qade’s first time and he threw a big screaming fit for the first part of it, so that wasn’t so great, but at least he was contained in his room. 😉 I think it’s good for them to get some play time alone. They play together well, sometimes, but lately have been really pushing each other’s buttons, and room-time seems to help with that!

I did some Christmas shopping on Amazon today!! That was fun! I have to say that online shopping is my favorite kind! I dread stores and even worse malls! Ugh! Especially once the holiday season really gets swinging. It’s down right miserable! But today was totally relaxed, and I didn’t even have to put on my shoes! I think that I’ve got everything, minus stocking stuffers, for the kids Christmas gifts down. Now I have to shop for Stu, which is incredibly difficult, and the extended fam. Don’t worry, I plan on doing most of that online as well. 😉

Okay…. my conscience is pricking me to get busy and make some sense of this house. Oh, speaking of conscience, we got some books from Answers in Genesis called “Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers” and it’s a great series!! If you have small children but want to start teaching them doctrine, this is a great way to do it that is engaging for them. Qade and I read the one on the Gospel today before nap. It’s a good way to get them thinking and have some lead in questions that can teach them those important Biblical truths. So there ya have it, commercial for the day! 🙂

I’m gonna go tackle that laundry….. I think.

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