Seven Weeks

Seven weeks! 49 Days! That’s how long our littlest love has been with us. Already our family has changed so much! The dynamics are still shifting around, but starting to settle. The lads adore their tiny sister, and even get thrilled if they see a picture of her on the computer. They are so helpful by bringing me diapers, outfits, and toting off used diapers to the trash, and they simply LOVE to help when it has anything to do with their “baby sister.”

Ella is becoming more and more alert and social. She spent some Qality time with Daddy on Saturday morning snuggling in bed and just chatting about life. 🙂 Her sweet smile is becoming more frequent, and she recognizes her Mommy and Daddy for sure! I left her with a friend for a couple of hours yesterday and when I walked in and she heard my voice she suddenly got all excited! I love being a mommy!!!

Baby girl wears bows on her head. These fascinate the lads. I think they are super sweet and have been using the more frequently lately. Our little baldy looks too cute with a jaunty little bow on her head! Though I admit that her kissable little head really doesn’t need any improvement!

We are “settling in” to a pretty good routine for which I am extremely thankful! I’m certain that God poors out an extra measure of grace for mommies of newborns to give them the “umpf” to get out of bed and care for the baby, but after weeks of sporadic sleep patterns it can wear us all out! Ella, seems to have her routine down pretty well so that I can pretty much count on getting up with her once a night now. Yay!!! Her daytimes have evened out pretty well too, and she takes a good morning nap, good afternoon nap, and usually a small nap right around dinner time. I function much better when I know that I can generally count on having blocks of time to do “other stuff.”

I still can’t believe it’s already been 7 weeks! I need to schedule her 2 month check up, which I dread! I hate taking my babies in to get shots! She’s become such an integral part of our family! Her teeny tiny fingers have just about everyone wrapped around them already! Seven weeks just flies by, yet I can barely remember what it was like before! 🙂

Happy 7 week b-day, Ella Rose!!

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