Little Annie

The little gal in this week’s “fix-it” picture reminded me of the Bobby Darin song about “Little Annie” making artificial flowers. Don’t know why, that’s just what came to mind. 🙂 She’s a cutie for sure!!

This is the original picture.
Fix-It Friday #77

Because of the above mentioned song, I was going for more of the vintage-y look with my edits. So I actually wanted this photo to look a little over exposed. The flawless complexion of “Little Annie” worked perfectly for me. 🙂 Using Aperture, I adjusted the brightness and then bumped up the contrast just a wee bit. I muted the colors a lot by bringing down the saturation. I also warmed up the colors by adjusting the temperature toward the yellow end.
5144307463_87fcb8237f_b - Version 2

This next one, I’m not really sure why, but I decided to do a purpleish color monochrome with this edit. Rose colored glasses? Ha ha! anyway, I added a vignette, took the saturation way down on the red, and then added a bit of the “real” color back in.

Jury is still out, but I think this might be my favorite edit for today. Have you seen that movie, “The Illusionist”? Well, the coloration and heavy vignette with this one kind of reminds me of the coloration they used in that film. Guess everything is reminding me of some kind of media today. 😉 Ha ha!!
5144307463_87fcb8237f_b - Version 3

I enjoyed editing the photo today. The sweet expression on the subject’s face was great. I like the angle of the photo a lot. There’s probably a zillion things you could do with this one experimenting with different textures and backgrounds that would be fun. These are just what I had the time and inclination for this morning. You can check out other edits, if you so choose, by clicking here. TTFN!

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