Three in three

I have now officially graduated to the “are they crazy??” group of parents. 😉 We were close with having Qade and Myles only 17 months apart. But now we have three kids in three years, and that makes us certifiably crazy in the eyes of the general population. You all know what I’m talking about, because at one point or another we have ALL been part of that “kidless” population that looks on the family with a bunch of kids in tow or several close together and think, “Those people are crazy!” And now I that I’m on the “crazy” side of it all I have to say is, Yep, we’re crazy, but we love it!

I read an article once about how in recent years, like the last 20-30 I guess, family planning has become EVERYONE’S business. Meaning that questions like, “Did you plan to get pregnant?” and “Are you done after this one?” and “Do you use birth control?” have become common questions the people seem to think it’s okay to ask. Am I weird in thinking that there is something not normal about that?? I mean, there arent many more personal areas in life than your family and your “family planning.” So why do we all seem to think we have the authority or authorization to question the size and shape of other people’s family? Why do we assume, when we see a large family, that “they must not believe in birth control” or even worse ask the question?? It seems to rarely occur to us that perhaps that couple wanted a large family. Even so, often those people with large families are “judged” as somehow not having sense enough to know what they SHOULD be.

All of that is kind of random, I know, but I’ve wondered about that recently. Especially when I get the sideways glances that I know contain that “what are they thinking?” thought. I’m not offended by people because we wouldn’t trade our little chunk of craziness for all the “leisure” and peace of the ubber-planned families. 🙂 And I’m not saying that doing it that way is wrong either. I think that when it comes to our individual families it’s personal, and each family has to choose the dynamics that are right for them.

Right now in our own little crazy world, there are times when I think “what were we thinking!?” but never a time that I question if our family is right. 🙂 Yes, it’s hectic. Yes, sometimes the fact that we can’t make it through a morning, let alone a whole day, without hysterics and meltdowns gets really old. Yes, there really truly are days when I’d just like to pull my hair out, or employ some duct tape for a little sanity in the chaos. But ya know, even though sometimes the days seem long, the years really do fly by! My first “baby” is three and a half, and quite the little man! I was looking at some newborn pics of him the other day and had to admit to myself that I can barely remember him that way. It’s so fast! And even on those days, I know that it’s only “for a season” that they will be this way. One day, the toddlers will be elementary kids! One day, they will have learned enough self-control to deal with their grievances without screaming. One day, they will get dressed, even socks and shoes, without my help. One day, I will be able to sit down and have conversations with them at the table without spending the whole meal reminding them how to behave. One day, there will be no more diapers, pull-ups, wipes, Balmex, or accidents! One day we’ll be through this season and on to the next. And even though there are a LOT of things that I’m looking forward to in the “next” seasons, I’m trying each day to enjoy this one as well.

So while we probably are certifiable for having 3 in 3, we like it! 🙂 And we wouldn’t change or trade any of the last 3 years!

For what it’s worth.

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