Did you know that Milton “invented” that word?? I think maybe I’ll write an epic work of literature and invent some words of my own. 🙂 In my foggy, sleep-deprived, mommy brain state I could come up with some doozies, I’m sure! 😉

I’ve had some rough nights in baby-land recently, and that makes for an all over not so fun day as the aftermath. The boys have been needy and clingy, and Myles has a cold. The whiney chair has been pretty busy, but I have to say it’s becoming very effective for at least one of the little whiners! I feel like I’m barely keeping afloat on the sea of ever churning life things… ya know, laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning (what’s that again?) and kid stuff!!


We seem to be SOOOO close to actually having a routine down that I can almost taste it!!

Ella is 6 weeks old now. Awwww… how did that happen?? And I feel like her sleep patterns, minus the above mentioned, are starting to “level” out. She takes 2 BIG naps a day, and one “cat nap” in the evening before bedtime. Now if we can get the night time thing down to some kind of “regular” then I think we’ll be where we need to be for things to normalize a bit better. Right now, I can’t count on what the nights are going to be like. Like I said though, it’s close… I can feel it!! I’m ready for it. 🙂 So here’s hoping in the next week, or two at the most (PLEASE!!), we’ll have a more normalized structure that I can actually function in.

That’s the key. Mommy just isn’t working well when the sleep tank is empty. Yesterday was a bad’un for sure! I did get a lot done in the morning surprisingly because every time I sat down I felt like I’d konk out in seconds. That doesn’t work well when you have 2 little lads roaming around. Especially when they get such delight out of “experimenting” with things they shouldn’t be messin’ with! I look forward to the day, (please tell me there will be one) when I can tell them to leave something be and trust that they will do it.

Anyway, so that’s where I’ve been… what I’ve been… how I’ve been… or something. 🙂

Hope your week is delightful!

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