18 Month Helen

While visiting fam last weekend, I took some shots of my niece for her 18 month old pictures. It wasn’t my bestest shoot due to the fact that I was fighting with the harsh sun/shadow contrast, but it’s good to get experience in those situations as well. I approach each shoot; as a chance to learn something new and improve. Plus I had such a cute model to work with that of course I still got some cute ones. 😉 At least I think so. So here are a few of my “faves” from that shoot.

Toodle-oo for now. I’ve got a few post rattling around in my brain, along with about a zillion other things, so someday perhaps I’ll have a moment to sit and write them down. 🙂 Till then…

A little “flower box” wagon in Grandpa’s backyard made for a good prop!

This face just makes ya smile!

She looks WAY too grown up in this shot, but it’s sooooo cute!

Helen loves to “pose” for the camera! Makes my job easy-er.

I think this one might be my favorite…. maybe.

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