Terrible, horrible, no-good, aww forget it

I had completely planned to whine and mope and vent all about this really bad day. Sometimes it helps to just blab it out even if it’s to the cyber world. However, I changed my mind at the last minute. There is nothing anyone reading this can/could do to make this day less bad, and reading all about the in’s and out’s of it would do none of YOU any good except to maybe help you feel sorry for me. 😉 But I don’t need to be pitied. I’m very blessed! I have a wonderful little family! Two very active, healthy boys. One little sweet pea that I’m learning more about each day! A hard working hubby who is strong for me in those moments when I’m not so strong myself. So even though today was not so good, life IS good!!

And I’m sure tomorrow will be better…… right? 🙂

Anyway, I’ll just leave you with a photo from this weekend that I think is sweet. Happy Tuesday!


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