Birthday #2

Here are some photo high lights from Myles big day! 🙂 Not sure just how much he grasps about birthdays yet, but he was quick to let Qade and Aiden know that that his gifts were “My presents!” ha ha ha! We had a fun day. Not as many people were able to come, but it was relaxed and a good time. Myles is officially “old” when you ask him his age and he vaguely waves all of his fingers in the air as he says it. 🙂 He got some spiffy gifts and has been having a grand time playing with them since. Big brother is enjoying all the new loot as well. 🙂 I think we’ll have to have a toy purge here before Christmas for sure! Enjoy the pics!

Enjoying everyone singing “Happy Birtday” to him. Through the day we’d spontaneously tell him happy birthday, and he’d always reply Happy Birthday back. 😉

Passing out HIS gifts to the other kids present.

Carefully opening the gifts. He was a little upset when he’d get the paper off and they were still in the package because he wanted to play with them NOW!!

Giving Daddy the wrapping to throw away.

Excited about the tool box!

That goes with his tool bench!! I think Stu and I were more excited about this gift than the lads will ever be.

We had him “close his eyes” to bring out his little car from the Grandparents Noggle. Qade helped bring it out, he was very excited that “Myles will share his car with me.” Ha!

I think he likes it!

Qade gave Myles his first ride in the car. (Reminds me of Mike Wazowsky from Monster’s Inc. for some reason!)

Cutie patuti 2 year old!

We did cake after the yummy Navajo taco dinner Grandma Noggle made for us! Notice the HUGE gulp of air ready to blow out those 2 candles.

It still took several blows and a little spit to get them both out! 😉

The cake was a hit! Especially the edible confetti all over the top. 🙂

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