The First

I had to share this one!! Ha ha ha ha! All mom’s do this to their kids, right?


Qade has become quite the little man. Very opinionated and not shy about expressing himself. 🙂 I was telling Stu the other day that it seems as if Qade suddenly hit a huge verbal milestone recently where he can now express exactly what he is thinking. Communication has reached a whole new level. It’s fun and challenging at the same time. Fun in that we can now have great back and forth conversations. Some are quite funny! As we drove home on Tuesday night there was lightning in the distance. Qade piped up that the lightning was “talking” to him. So we asked what it said and he told us, “The lightning is telling me, ‘you are going home’.” Then he proceeded to have a conversation with the lightning. 😀

Qade doesn’t like to hear Ella crying at all! He gets a little hyper when she is. The other day she was fussing in her swing as I was getting dinner on the table and Qade tried to calm her down by saying, “Don’t cry, Baby Sister, we love you!” Ha ha ha!! That made me laugh! I’m sure she wasn’t crying because she felt unloved, but it seemed to make sense to my big boy!

Potty training… wow, what can I say about this?! I was completely bracing myself for a HUGE digression once the baby came along. However, our little man has instead stepped it up! I’m sure having my mom here, and she being much more relaxed about it than me, helped him along. He has been accident free pretty much for 2 weeks! He now takes himself to the potty without having to be reminded all the time. And it’s not uncommon for him to stop what he’s doing and spring up with a, “I need to go potty” as he runs to the bathroom. Yay!!!! He has also been dry through naps very well!! I’m so pleased! I was starting to feel like I would have a child refusing to go potty till Kindergarten, or later!! 😉 But he has done so well, and I’m proud of him! The only trouble with it now is that he uses his “I have to go potty” excuse to get up after bedtime 2 or 3 times. Hmmmm…. not quite sure how to deal with that, because I DO want him to go to the bathroom rather than in a pull-up, but I also want him to stay in his bed after we put him down.

Qade is all boy! He loves his cars and trucks and wrestling with Daddy! He’s not as kamikaze as Myles is by far, but still likes to have adventures! He’s just a bit more cautious which shows up in the fact that Myles is constantly scraped and bruised up while Qade has relatively few “owies.” He’s into dirt and digging, but likes to be clean as well. Right now he’s obsessed with his “blue jeans” and wants to wear them CONSTANTLY! If they end up in the wash he asks where they are and still wants to wear them. Too bad he only has one pair! I may have to break down and get him another so he can wear them more. 😉

He loves to read books and currently his favorite story is a Seusse story called “Mulberry Street.” How this particular story became so beloved, I have NO idea! You should read it if you get the chance. It’s about a little boy with a pretty vivid imagination, but it still seems rather flat of a story for a 3 yr old. BUT he loves it and we read it on a daily basis. Qade is a thinker, and I love to see the wheels turning in his little head. He has learned, Ephesians 6:1 and we quote it often to remind him that he is to obey his parents! (Thanks mom!!) Qade knows the vast majority of his alphabet, thanks to Letter Factory, knows his shapes and colors and can count, mostly, to 10. Sometimes we forget 4. 😉 I know that I underestimate the amount of information that he absorbs because he still astounds me with things that he’ll bring up that I had no idea he was even paying attention to.

Qade is already asking for ANOTHER baby sister. He seems to think he needs 2. 😉 Ha!

Our first born is a very special part of our family and Stuart and I get plenty of kicks out of the things that come out of his mouth! He’s a good big brother/buddy to Myles and of course is totally crazy about his little sister! And we’re pretty crazy about him too! 🙂

Happy Lime Green Thursday!

Wearing shorts on your head is the NEW “in” fashion!!

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