Big Brothers

The day we had Ella I called home to tell our parents and the boys. When I talked to Qade on the phone I told him that his baby sister was here and her name. He asked if his baby sister was “bigger” because I’d been telling him all along that when she got big enough she’d come out and we could take her home with us. 🙂 He says her name Ewla. Myles does a better job with the name actually saying a very clear Ella, it’s cute!

The next day Stu, Mom and Dad brought the boys to meet their baby sister. I was waiting for them all morning, but was still surprised when I heard Qade in the hall. The door burst open and he sprang in with all the energy a 3 and a half year old can muster. Instead of running to ME and giving ME a big hug, the words that came out of his very excited mouth were, “MOMMY, where’s my baby sister!” Ha ha ha! He couldn’t see into the bassinet from the floor so he quickly scrambled up on the bed to see this new baby! Myles followed suit though at a slightly more sedate pace. He gets caught up in Qade’s excitement, but at that point I still don’t think he really understood what it was all about.

The boys promptly fell in love with their new baby sister. Once we got her home they both clamored to be as near her as possible. They want to touch her and kiss her, and hold her. Qade insisted one time that he could “give her to me” when she was in her swing. Believe me, I nixed that one right away!! One evening before Qade went to bed he was standing at my elbow as I rocked Ella. He put his cheek against her soft little head and rubbed one cheek against it then turned his head and rubbed the other cheek on her head! Baby heads really are too irresistible! 🙂 Myles is constantly identifying things in the house that are “baby sisser’s.” Qade frequently asks where she is, if she’s not in plain sight. I’m thrilled with both of their reactions to our newest little one!

I was mostly concerned with Myles when I thought about bringing a baby home. Qade, I figured would do fine since he is used to having a younger sibling already. However, I’ve been so pleased with Myles reaction to Ella! Both boys are, of course, going through some adjustments. A little more whining, and acting up is taking place with both of them. Still it’s nothing like what we went through with Qade when Myles was born! I think that having my Mom here for awhile really helped them. And I also think that having each other has helped them both a lot as well! They really are good buds most of the time. It’s so fun to watch them play together. They can certainly push each other’s buttons, but they are also caring and concerned for each other, and that makes me happy.

I know that Ella is going to have 2 big brothers who adore and take care of her, and I’m sure that she’s going to be smitten with them as well! We’re enjoying our little family of 5 and learning to find our new “normal.” It might be awhile to feel normal actually, but we’re enjoying our new “limbo” as we adjust anyway! 🙂

Enjoy the pics of brotherly love!





Ella with her 3 heros!

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