Out of my hands

I have to let you know about something that happened this afternoon. 🙂 You know before Ella came I’d been babysitting 2 little girls. I’ve blogged about the ups and downs of that whole experience along the way. I was looking forward to being more mobile and better able to deal with all the kids after the baby came. However, since Ella has been here, adjusting to the new “normal” and realizing once again just how much effort a newborn takes had really dampened my desire to have other kids in the house.

I committed to it already though, and was perfectly ready to see it through. I mean, what’s a couple more kids. Ha ha ha ha!! I’ve just been dreading it though and wondering how long I could possibly put them off. I did tell them that I’d need time after the baby came, and they were so good about it telling me to “take my time.” However, the sitter that they had lined up for their girls during my “baby leave” wasn’t working out so well. I had hints of that, but hadn’t really “checked up” on them because I didn’t want to feel pressure to have the girls back before I was ready. Every time the thought of them coming over, and they really are great girls, passed through my brain my heart would sink. So I’d been doing my best to banish the thought.

Well, today the girl’s mom called. She had sent over a package of diapers and a sweet card for Ella, so we talked about the baby and how she and I were doing. She then told me how the sitter wasn’t working out so well, and that something had “come up” with a gal who is actually going to move in with them and watch their girls full time. She wanted to let me know that this was going to work out for them and would be better all around so I wouldn’t have the “extra” kids to deal with! Wow!! What a relief!! I honestly don’t think that I knew just how much of a burden it had been on me until it was completely lifted. It was obvious to her and me too that God had worked this out for all of us! She had told me before that she didn’t think she could teach this year if I wasn’t watching her girls, and I was thankful to be a blessing that way, but boy I’m so happy that God had this “back up plan” in mind the whole time! I didn’t want to have to tell her at some point that I just couldn’t watch her girls and then leave her hanging. But knowing me, I wouldn’t have anyway, I’d have just done it and been miserable.

This afternoon just felt like a HUGE sigh! I felt so much lighter and happier knowing that I can invest all of my time now into my kids and helping them adjust and grow. The boys have been doing so well with Ella, they just love her! But I can tell that there is a certain “emotionalness” about them right now that I need to be sensitive to. They’ve become such good pals, helping each other out, playing together, talking together, and of course getting in trouble together. I wasn’t looking forward to reintroducing their “friends” to our every day life since it seems to pull them apart somewhat.

So it’s so great that God knows, and He cares, and His timing and ways are simply perfect!! I’m ecstatic! And while I really did want to help contribute to the family income, it just wasn’t worth it at this time. Now I can focus on my family and work on my photography. If I can get clients for CDO Studios then I can still contribute with much LESS time invested. Pray that we get some “bites” from our blitz at the high school!

There you have it in a few more words than I meant to write. Good news!!! Happy weekend!

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