A few of my favorite things

You’ve probably all seen most of these photos at one point in time or another. BUT I was browsing some of my photo library and just started thinking about how much I love my little family AND the places that God has let us live/work. AND how much I love fun photos!! 🙂 Today I need to whip my studio back into shape! I still haven’t taken Qade’s 3 yr old pics!! I know terrible! But I was waiting for the opportunity to get the numbers props. Well, they came in last week, but the studio has been a DISASTER since we also relocated Stu’s office in there to make room for the little one. SOOOOOO…. I need to get some work done. But while I’m doing that, I thought you might like to take a little jaunt down MY memory lane. 😉 Hope you’re having a swell weekend!
Ta ta!

This was one of the first “good” shots I took with my DSLR camera. I was just playing around with settings, and now, of course I can see lots of “issues” with it, but it’s still one of my favorite pictures ever! The way that Qade is just so snuggly and comfy on his Daddy but totally focused on their book for story time is priceless!

Hiking in Witch Well Canyon. I love the color contrast, the lighting just everything. And I especially love the two people looking back at me! 🙂

This picture of my littlest buddy warms my heart! Hard to believe he was this itty-bitty!!

The view at Grand View camp. Someday we’ll be having camp there! God can do amazing things!

My “big” little explorer. Love this lad!

This is definitely one of my top 5 favorite photos of Myles. He was about 5 months old in this shot.

I love Aspens. Love bokeh too!

Qade is such a big helper! He absolutely LOVES to help Stuart out with program stuff at camp! It’s getting more fun to have him tag along as well! This was LAST summer, as in 09.

Can you believe this is AZ?? The wide open spaces are one of my MAJORLY favorite things. I feel suffocated if I can’t see space and sky! God is awesome in His creation!!

I like “hummers” too!

Going to parks was always a treat for us as kids, now it’s even MORE fun to watch my lads have a blast at a park!

Swinging is especially addictive apparently!

Two of my favorites!!

My most favorite!

Southwestern sunsets are on my “favorite things” list for sure!!

Watching my kids experience the “fun stuff” of childhood is a favorite thing. So is editing photos wackily! 🙂

Tickling and laughing are some of my favorite things!

Snuggles with my little people are WAY up there on my list of favorite things.

I love baby squirms and kicks, and even though they get uncomfy by this point, it’s still one of my favorite things!

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