And there’s…. nothin’

Ya know you’ve reached the “end” of your pregnancy when people you don’t normal see or hear from are “dropping by” or giving you a call to find out if “you’ve had it yet!” Then there’s others who watch you like a ticking time-bomb and have helpful comments like, “Oh the baby will come when it’s ready.” Well, Qade had to be practically pried out! He was ready, ‘overdone’ even but he didn’t want to come at all. Others say, “Stop expecting it and it’ll happen.” Yeah right! When you’re the size of a Blue Whale and can’t get ANYTHING done without huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf, how can you not be expecting/anticipating?? 🙂

I’m not really griping. I find most of it humorous and just kinda go with the flow. Like last night when Stu said I should just tell them I’m a month overdue and see if they’ll induce because after all, I LOOK a month overdue! 😉 Ha! Well that’s flattering. I tried to be offended, but I’m afraid I found it to be too much true. Ha ha!

Waiting isn’t my strong point. Not that there’s anything you can do about waiting for things. I guess waiting PATIENTLY isn’t my strong point. 😀 I have to wait, no choice in the matter, but believe me I feel anything but patient with this waiting process! I already know that little girl is highly confused on when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to squirm. Right now the squirming and stretching and all over flopping commences as soon as my weary head hits the pillow. Rather rude of her to be robbing me of sleep NOW when she can’t make a peep!! But I’ve walked and walked, blah! I spent the afternoon bouncing on my exercise ball, but mostly because it’s more comfy than the stool to sit on. Not like I expected a miracle with that one. I’m tempted, yes indeed, to try jumping jacks! I only hesitate because the thought of those sounds so very painful at this point! 😉

Oh well. My “official” due date is Monday. My next midwife apt. is Tuesday morning. If I make it that far I will start requesting some intervention. I’m pretty sick of being pregnant, as if you couldn’t tell! I have had contractions, some actually hard and painful, on and off for WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKS now. And it’s gotten excessively old. Bah-humbug! 🙂 I’ve begged and pleaded with the little lady, but she’s totally not cooperating, SO something will have to be done. And if I have to sign an eviction notice with Pitocin then so be it! Ha ha ha!!

Hope you all have a great weekend! If you think of us, pray that little sister comes this weekend. Mom is here now, and it would work out swimmingly. Toodles!

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