The Mon-Tuesday

Three day weekends are SO great when you’re on the Friday side looking forward to them. But I’ve noticed that when you’re on the Tuesday side looking back, they don’t feel as fantastic. 😉 I’ve been all confused about what day it is, feels like Sunday, no it’s Monday, no wait it’s actually Tuesday. And this Tuesday feels like a Monday with a little more kick to it for some reason. Hmmmm… maybe it’s because I felt entitled to laze around a bit yesterday and therefore all the “monday stuff” didn’t get done. BUT I had to do some laundry so some of us, okay me and baby girl, would have something to wear today. But I didn’t get that in till after dinner last night, so that meant that it just sat in the dryer all night and then I already had a basket overflowing with laundry that needed to be folded that of course I’ve just been rifling through and pulling out the clean unders and clothes that the boys need because I was too much of a bum on my “long weekend” to bother doing something as mundane as folding laundry! So it feels like a Monday only slightly worse…

And I didn’t sleep well last night….

I woke up to find that the dishwasher had only dissolved the soap enough for it to become a solid mass in the soap dispenser.

I was having contractions that actually HURT.

I drank about a quart of water before breakfast. I really HATE drinking water in the morning… dunno why, it just seems yucky!

The girls are here today, but honestly I can’t complain, they have been very good.

I had to put the girls’ car seats in our vehicle… I don’t like transferring/installing car seats. I’m NOT a soccer mom!

I have a midwife appt today…

They are going to suck my blood. AGAIN!

The boys ‘get’ to go with me… but hey, I have an umbrella stroller!!! In fact, I now have 2 because my mom-in-law “found” the other one that I had been looking for that one time. Guess what, yeah, it was in plain sight, of course!

And the “piece de resistance” the lads and I get to go shopping at Wal-Mart after my appt. If my water breaks in the store I’m going to cry. But then I’ll get over it and be happy that our little gal will show up soon!!! 🙂

Happy Monday that isn’t!

P.S. I finished packing my hospital bag just in case “something” happens today. I have a phobia!

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