Not Me “Labor” Day edition

Last night I did NOT feed my children cereal for dinner, with apple sauce to salve my guilty conscience!

I wouldn’t have been so tired from a LONG day in town that that particular dinner choice seemed not only reasonable, but life saving as well!

The reason that we had such a LONG day in town would not have been because I sat in a hospital bed hooked up to baby monitors for nearly 2 hours.

I would not have been in that hospital bed because I had my hubby drive me to the hospital just to “check” if things were progressing.

I did not “wonder” if things were progressing because I had been having mild contractions all morning long through church.

I do NOT have a phobia of my water breaking or something equally embarrassing happening in a public place like church or Wal-Mart!! That would put a damper on the worship service!! 😉

After the aforementioned 2 hours in said hospital bed I would not have been informed by the very kind nurse that I was most likely dehydrated and need to drink a BUNCH of water, and that this was NOT the real deal. 🙁

I wouldn’t have been somewhat disappointed that it was not the real deal because among other reasons, there was NO ONE else on the L&D floor, and in fact they had to track down that nurse from somewhere else in the hospital to come “monitor” me.

And just FYI, really I’m not clueless about how the whole thing works, but each time it’s a different story. As one of the midwives told me I should probably head to the hospital when contractions were about 6 min apart since we do live a ways out. I figured since we were in town already I might as well stop by rather than risk going home and coming back. My parents are 3 hours away and they have to come watch the boys when it’s time for lil girl to show up because the lads aren’t allowed on the L&D part of the floor at all. SOOOOOOOOO…. just needed to make sure the main show wasn’t underway. *sigh*

My poor lads and their poor dad wouldn’t have had to sit in the vehicle in the hospital parking lot while I was sifting through a baby magazine in a climate controlled room sipping ice water. (To rehydrate of course)

We did NOT get home after 4 in the afternoon to just kind of crash out from exhaustion, oh and dehydration too of course! (Apparently I have a problem with this, but after all I don’t like to feel like a balloon all day and I don’t like spending a good 3rd of my day in the bathroom either! So there!!)

I did NOT just out of spite drink about a gallon of water and then sit like a lump in the easy chair, except when I had to get up for the bathroom….. which is about every 10 minutes, if I’m lucky! 😉

The lads did NOT enjoy their cereal dinner so much that they even asked for seconds.

….. and of course I did NOT give it to them. 😉

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