The fix

This week’s fix-it photo was a little disappointing to me because it seemed almost like a duplicate of last week’s. I’m not wild about the pose either, but there’s nothing that can be done about that! So… I didn’t have as MUCH fun trying to edit it, but it was still good practice. I really should do more with layers but I’m 9 months pregnant, and lazy! 😉 That’s my story! Anyway, here is the original photo. As you can see, it’s pretty blown out and the subjects are a little on the dark side. “Luke, I am your Father!” Bwah, ha ha ha! 😉

4952773323_54cb5253e8_b - Version 4

My first fix. I cropped all of them rather than try to deal with the over exposed sky in the background. But anyway, I adjusted the colors somewhat and uh… don’t really remember what else I did to it. Ha ha! Oh well. This one isn’t my favorite.

Second fix. I like this one better. The crop helped with the sky issue, and of course the colors that I’m “famous” for muting. 😉
4952773323_54cb5253e8_b - Version 2

And one more go. Cropped it closer, added an exposure vignette, and uh… bumped the contrast somewhat too.
4952773323_54cb5253e8_b - Version 3

Anyway, next Friday hopefully we’ll have a different sort of picture to work with. However it will be my b-day so I may not get around to it. 😉 And if I have MY way there will be a new baby in this house by then too, so we shall see.
But if you want to see more fixes you can click on this link. I still can’t get the button to work. Oh well!

Note: Apparently some of the comments I made at the beginning were misconstrued as overly negative. If you know me, which most of you do or you wouldn’t be reading this, you know my “sarcastic style” and understand that I’m not trying to attack the photo or the photographer. I appreciate the photographer’s courage in submitting a photo to be pulled apart and critiqued by others. In no way do I want to reflect poorly on someone else’s hard work. Everyone is different in their opinions of what will make a good photo, and I’m sure that people have plenty to say on photos I take as well, as I know that many of them are lacking in a lot of ways. I will continue to work on “fix-it” photos and put my own opinions out there on my blog, but hope that they will be seen as an editing critique and not a negative attitude toward any photo/photographer. Maybe someday I’ll even be brave enough to submit one of my own photos for editing fun!

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