Poopy Problems

Okay, so here is my shout out for some great mom-tips/advice. 🙂 I know we’re all bursting with it and ready to overflow on any unsuspecting soul who might find themselves in a sticky parenting situation. Well, now’s your chance! I’m actually ASKING for some advice because I’ve totally run out of ideas on my own.

Qade has been potty training for nearly a YEAR now, and while the older and wiser might think that’s not that long or even think that’s way TOO LONG (I’d agree with that last one for sure!) we were making great progress recently as I bragged about in this post. However the past week or week and a half we have MAJORLY digressed. 🙁 This does not make me happy! Qade has been pooping in his unders on a daily basis and while he doesn’t totally soak himself, he certainly isn’t staying dry either. I’m not really sure why this is happening, but rather than get into all the psychology of it at this point, I’d like to know if anyone has experienced similar issues with their ‘training’ tots and if so what you did to get over the hurtle. PLEASE send suggestions, cause like I said I’m pretty much at the end of my resources for this one.

Some of what I’ve been doing with him is expressing my disappointment that he isn’t acting like a big boy. Making him clean up his own mess. Putting him in “plastics” with no unders as a consequence for messing his unders and taking away privileges like playing preschool games on the iPad, which he absolutely LOVES to do. I realize these are all negative consequences. I’m batting about the idea of bringing back a type of reward system (stickers/treats) for the “successes” but it still feels like we’re going backwards. I don’t know.


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