Sing it with me…

SUMMERTIME, and the livin’ is easy!! 😉 Here are the pics I mentioned from my P&S camera. Enjoy!

We had a “play date” at the park in town and invited extra little ones to join us. 🙂 It was a fun day! Here’s our crew starting out.

At the park, oodles of fun!! BTW trying to “keep track” of 6 children amongst so many can be a challenge. At least whenever I looked for mine I simply spied the Lime green! Good tip, dress them the same in a BRIGHT color!

Myles and Benton were swingin’ buddies!

I think my kids would swing the ENTIRE time if I let them. I have to work hard to convince them that something else on the playground would just be SO fun!

The aftermath of a long day of fun! 🙂

Our fun-time adventure. The boys are certainly not used to staying up that late. They had a good time though minus the drama that ensued when the lights when out and Qade started screaming at the top of his lungs. He informed me frequently through the rest of summer that “Fun-time is scary!” Ha ha!! And yes, Myles does have 2 fingers up his nose! What in the world???

Another fun “pool play date!” Woo-Hoo!! Gotta have some of that in the summertime!

Finally convinced a couple of them to actually SIT in the water! Ha ha!! Before they were just pouring it on the grass!

Buddies watching Big-Ball! It’s so fun that our kids get to be “camp kids.”

After a busy summer, isn’t this the way we ALL feel? 🙂 P1010510

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