This weekend would be a great time for lil baby to make her debut since Stu’s parents are here to “ride herd” should we need to go to the hospital. That means it’s almost a given that she won’t show up. 😉 Not to be pessimistic but it’s how I roll. Ha ha! No problem. I don’t mind “baking” her a bit longer. I was reminded today of some of the consequences of babies showing up early. It’s the 2 year birthday for a friend of mine’s son who was born premature. He is a healthy happy boy doing so well, thank you, Jesus, but as she said herself it’s been a roller coaster ride. I remember the updates from her little boy as one day he just spontaneously stopped breathing just weeks after they had him home. She said it was the fastest she’s ever removed a child from a car seat! Thankfully doctors were able to help him and cope with the situations, but he had to be on oxygen for most of these past 2 years and has only in the past few months been able to stop using it at night. God is still good in every situation, but I’m sure had that mommy been given a choice she would have preferred to “cook” the little one a bit longer than to have to be under constant anxiety for him in one way or another over the past 2 years. So even though I’m impatient, I’ll be content to wait a bit longer and hopefully have a ‘fully baked’ baby when the time comes. 🙂 Isn’t it just so easy to get ahead of ourselves, or worse ahead of God?? Just a thought.

I wasn’t intending to wax elloquent, but sometimes when I sit down to type a post, things just flow from my brain and leak out of my fingers as I type without even realizing it! 🙂 Nice little word picture for ya there.

Today my amazing MIL brought me the “tub” of little girl clothes that she has been collecting from the clearance racks of various stores. We both agree that shopping for little girls is WAY FUN! So we had our own little “shower” of 2 and I got to Oooo and Awww over the cute clothes, with random comments al la Danielle tossed in as well. 😉 I suppose I should get used to little girl chatter! Anyway, that wasn’t the ONLY fun we had around here with “Grandma Noggle” as all the kids were calling her! She took all 4 (brave woman, but then she’s a teacher, she knows kids!) for a walk and then for playtime outside. Yay!!! An unexpected little break in the day for MOI!!!

I took full advantage of the break too, and managed to get the laundry well on it’s way, dishes loaded, and floors swept! Can I tell you how SHOCKED I have been at how having 2 extra little bodies eating at our table has added significantly to the mess??? I shouldn’t be surprised, because my own two can really lay it down, but I have to say the carnage under that table by the end of lunch is monumental!!! Especially on “Ramen Days.” Those noodles really get away from little utensils and fingers. 😉 But it’s all good! Most of the time our morning snack is eaten outside, brilliant, Rachel! And as often as possible I’ve been giving them their afternoon snack out there as well. Hey, there are a couple of hungry ground squirrels and about a gazillion ants that can make use of the “mess” that the kids may leave behind. Myles biggest issues is when he falls down and gets dirt on his crackers or whatever then makes his way over to me to request that I, “Wash it!” ha ha ha!! I mean, why does it bother him?? He puts dirt and sticks and rocks in his mouth on PURPOSE most of the time, why should a little organic stuff on his peanut butter cracker upset the lad?? Don’t know, but it humors me!

I’m baking bread today. Stuart loves my homemade Hawaiian bread, and I like it too!! I pretty much got lazy and gave up baking it while I was pregnant, so my poor man had to go back to eating the sub-par store bought stuff. 😉 I’m trying to make up for it now though and have some always on hand to make his lunch with. I didn’t do so well this week though so today I’m making DOUBLE. That’s 8 loaves!!! Should last us a little while anyway. I’ll keep em’ in the freezer and take it out as needed, but thought I should get a jump on it “just in case” our little Darlin’ shows up sometime soon. (Not impatient though, I say!) I also have 2 bananas that are begging to be made into banana bread because the fruit flies are driving them (and me) crazy!!! So I will likely do that this afternoon once the monkeys are all up from their naps. Don’t want to use the mixer or anything loud that my deprive me of a few moments freedom from “how come?’s” and “why?’s” and the like. 😉 Ahhhhhh, don’t you love Fridays??

I have a little confession to make. I’ve been informed, several times, by Danielle’s mom (and her) that she is an extremely picky eater. She told me from the get-go that she “doesn’t eat crusts” on her sandwiches. Hmmm…. well, I refused from the get-go to take them off for her, so she has been leaving them on her plate, along with what I consider a significant portion of the sandwich. This bugged me… don’t ask me why, but my frugal side just got it’s dander up to see her toss away all that FOOD! Ha ha ha!! Since the girls have been coming over, I dole out cookies (usually vanilla wafers) at the end of lunch to the children who have FINISHED their food. Well, at first I was giving our picky one cookies as well even if she left her crusts. Today, I decided enough was enough! I don’t give cookies to my own kids when they leave food, even Myles who went to nap today with a major case of meltdown because he didn’t get a cookie, but refused to eat his sandwich! So I told Danielle that she should ‘try’ her crusts because she might like them. After all it was MY faaaaavorite part of the sandwich (which IS true, BTW). She replied that she ‘doesn’t like crusts’ and I told her that it was fine if she left them, but she wouldn’t be getting a cookie because we would like to stop wasting food. Hee hee hee….. Guess what happened. 😉 She ATE all of her crusts and DECLARED that she liked them!!! I praised her to the skies, gave her a fist bump AND a cookie. Hey LITTLE girls are not the ONLY ones good at manipulation. 😉

Happy weekend all!!

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