Fix-it Friday

It’s Frrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaay!! Woo-Hooooooo!! No one in this house is excited about it, I’ll tell ya that. 😉

I had a hard time with this week’s fix-it photo. The longer I worked on it the more the child’s expression just made me feel sad! Plus it was pretty blown out so there were limits on what I could do with my limited editing knowledge. Still, I came up with some “fixes” though I don’t know if they made it better-er or worse-er! Ha! I ended up having fun though, so that’s what counts. I generally use the program Aperture when I’m editing. It makes it simpler for me to not have to deal with layers, though as I worked on this photo I thought I probably should have used my layer editing program instead. Oh well.

Here is the original image:

My first edit:
4931310293_2ec7ddf2df_b - Version 2

Second edit:
4931310293_2ec7ddf2df_b - Version 4

And just for fun! 🙂
4931310293_2ec7ddf2df_b - Version 3

I seem to have a hard time getting the code for the iheartfaces buttons. But you can click on the link and it’ll at least take you to their page if you want to see more edits.

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