So this is what my foggy brain is working through, and my lagging energies are attempting to accomplish today.

1. Clean and sanitize CHECK
. Bottles and baby items
. Pump

2. Finish packing hospital bag
. Pack Baby’s diaper bag CHECK

3. Finish sanding Baby’s dresser (Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the correct grit sand paper disks so I wasn’t able to work on this while we were “playing” outside this morning. Very frustrating!)

4. Set up Pack n Play and Feeding station w/ rocking chair upstairs. (I haven’t done this yet because I was working on….)

5. Clean infant car seat and Pack N Play Mattress CHECK (Have any of you scrubbed a pack n play mattress before?? I probably wouldn’t have had to do it except that I neglected to make sure there was always a sheet on it while Myles was using it at camp. And you remember me talking about how dirty he got EVERY day, right?? I never did get sheets that were meant to fit that thing, so today I’m going to measure it and make sure I have a couple. Trust me it’s easier to clean the sheets than it is to clean the mattress!! Still I’m pleased that it’s done, and think that I at least made somewhat of an improvement in it. And the car seat, well, it had been leant to my nearly-nephew for his trip to Canada and around AZ last year. I forgot what a burbler he was, but I was reminded when I took the car seat cover off! Whew!! Old baby burble really smells gross, just so ya know. 😉 It’s all clean and sparkling now though. The mattress and the seat are sitting outside drying and once that’s done I’ll….)

6. Find bassinet attachment and baby blankets in cellar (Then I can get it all set up in our room)

7. Re-thread car seat belts and car seat cover. (There was a huge drama over this task the first time I took the seat apart to clean it when we just had Qade. For some reason this particular seat is EXCESSIVELY hard to rethread. I’m hoping that some of my acquired “mom skilz” will pay off this time around and I won’t have to resort to screaming and cursing. Ha ha!)

8. Put Baby’s clothes in bins according to age (because I obviously don’t have the dresser done and am tired of her little clothes, cute though they be, piled up all over the house!!!)

So there you have it. At least the parts that I have thought of yet. As you can see there are very FEW check marks which means that I still have a LOT of loose ends. Loose ends are a bane in my life. I get to the point where I just can’t concentrate on any one job because so many of the other taks’s loose ends are flying around in my brain. Not to mention my brain is just bad enough right now on it’s own. Things are starting to come together a little bit though, and I’m sure with some effort on my side I can check several of these off before I go to bed tonight.

Speaking of bed, pray for me if you think of it. I’ve been sleeping lousy, no surprise there, for the last quite some time, and it does take a toll. I think it one of the cruelest tricks in nature to not allow you to sleep BEFORE the baby comes, cause it’s quite certain that you won’t be doing much sleeping after! Ha ha!! Anyway, I am ready for little girl to arrive, but have to remind myself that the “deal” I first made with her was to come Labor Day weekend. *Sigh* So I guess I’ll hold out for another week and hope she remembers her end of the deal! 🙂

Happy Lime Green Thursday!

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