Conversations with Qade

Some conversations are just too embarrassing for mommy to put down for all the world to see. Especially when the lads have to get toted to Mommy’s doctor’s visits!;-) But some are very sweet and others are very funny, or even both! 🙂 I’ll share one of todays pre-nap conversations for your own amusement!

Qade and I started this little thing at camp this summer where I will lightly rub his arm from his wrist to his elbow. He often will come sit on my lap with a, “Tickle my arm and my elbow, please” request. On his right arm there is a tiny lighter colored dot that is his birth mark. He will ask me about this mark many times even though the answer is always the same.

Q: Where is my birth-mawk?
M: On your arm, right there.
Q: When did I get it?
M: When you were born, it’s your birthmark.
Q: I’m going to get born again!
M: You’re what?
Q: I’m going to get born again in your tummy.
M: (Laughing) No, you can’t get in mommy’s tummy, you’re too big!
Q: Is my baby sister bigger?
M: Yes, she’s getting bigger.
Q: Can she come out yet?
M: Soon she will.

It humored me that Qade, on his own, used the phrase “born again.” It’s something that he’s been talking about ever since I told him that there was a baby in my tummy. He seems to think that somehow he can be a “baby” again and be born again. 🙂 He has mentioned it several times that when he is a baby he’ll do such-n-such. It’s cute! I also told him that the baby in my tummy had to grow and get bigger and then she would come out and live at home with us. That’s why periodically he will ask if the baby is “bigger” yet. 🙂 I have a feeling he is going to do well with being a big bro x 2!

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday! Toodles!

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