Getting things done??

Well, I’ve decreed that this week is going to be a “non-school” week in order for me to get a little bit more done around here. I will be providing the basics of child care (which around here consists of making sure no one gets clobbered or bossed to death) and then attempting along the way to get the baby stuff DONE!! This past weekend just wasn’t long enough for me to complete my more-than-I-can-chew list, sadly.

Today while the munchkins were playing outside and between crises I continued to work on sanding the dresser. Believe me there were an abominable number of crisis to deal with today. Good grief. I can only sand with the compressor for probably less than a min before I have to let it rest, and it seemed that each time I lifted my head SOMEONE was crying or screaming. My goodness!! Nap time is a very welcome friend today! I have 3 more drawers to sand, and then I need to go over it all again with a finer grit sandpaper. I’m hoping I can get the drawers done this afternoon and start on the second sanding by tomorrow. In the mean time I’m going to fill some rubbermades with some of the baby clothes we have so that I can start to make sense of things. Right now everything that is SUPPOSED to end up in little girl’s room is strewn about the “family” room in no particular order. Living in upheaval makes me kind of crazy!

Also on my list of things to do today is wash what’s left of the newborn stuff and a few items that have been given me. I realized yesterday that I hadn’t dug out any of the burp clothes and such that were so much of a necessity with my very spit-upy baby boys! I nearly panicked when the thought occurred to me! Ha ha ha! Never mind that I don’t have a “bag” packed for the hospital or that I haven’t cleaned the pack n’ play and found the bassinet attachment yet, if I don’t have burp cloths ready we’re in BIG trouble!! 😉 I was so SURE that she was going to decide to make her debut last night simply because I wasn’t READY!! Ha ha ha!! And even though I felt totally panicked, instead of getting up and doing all that stuff all night long (which might have prompted her arrival) I just rolled over in bed and made a “decision” that today (and the rest of the week) would be “get ready for baby time.” Do you ever crack yourself up? It amuses me how spotty my common sense can be sometimes. Especially with the added benefit of mommy and pregnancy brain! So I’m in the process of packing my bag today as well. We’ll see what happens with the pack n’ play. 😉

While I was shopping at Wal-Mart with my two lads in tow after my appt yesterday I had another of those “panic” moments… don’t ask me why this is happening, I’m not usually so hyper. This time it was about the fact that we have NO girl blankets!! I had this vision in my head that our sweet darling little girl would have to come home from the hospital swaddled up in one of her brother’s blue blankets! Wouldn’t that just scar her for life? 😉 Well, I saw a couple fleece blankets for $4 so now I can rest easy knowing that she has at least 2 pink blankets! Ha ha ha!!! Oh well, I have no excuse for myself really. I have insane moments now and then, and I’m sure that I’m probably not the only one.

I’m working today too on putting up the “dots” in baby girl’s room. I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed in them. There are 72 or something like that of them, but MOST of those are teeny-tiny ones. *sigh* So I’ve cut them all out and am now putting them up with sticky-tac in order to be able to move them around. I have to see how it’s going to look before I commit to actually peeling-and-sticking them on the wall. Hopefully Stu will be able to advise me tonight when he’s home. I’d rather not order more, but if it comes down to it, I suppose I will rather than hate the walls that I’ve been so excited about. 😉 Oh the crisis of life! I’m quite humored actually!

Hope you are having an equally hilarious day!

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