Not Me Monday

So this morning adding to the great weight of a blasted headache that will not quit, was a great load of Mommy-guilt stemming from my severe lack of patience with my small fry over the weekend. Rather than dwell on that though, I’ve decided to “start fresh” since today is a day with no mistakes in it… yet! 🙂 Besides it’s good to look for the humor in everyday situations rather than dwell on the “bad” parts of it. 🙂

I did not give all four kids in my care a huge frozen “popsicle” of yogurt to drip all over their nice clothes one day just to be sure that if their hands and mouths were occupied, they wouldn’t be yelling and screaming for at least a little while. 🙂 Oh, but I DID make sure they were outside while enjoying the treat!

I didn’t let my boys run around outside with no shoes just so they could climb UP the slide. And one said boys did not step on something pokey and get an owie right in the middle of his foot because he didn’t have shoes on. What mom would have her children shoeless in the desert??? Not me!

I did NOT purposely keep my lads awake on Sunday so that they would take a nap when we finally got home AFTER 4pm! I then did not let them sleep till 6pm and then force them to wake up. After that I would never have been irritated with them for being major grumpy pants. And of course, I myself wouldn’t have been equally as grumpy from being extra tired that day as well.

After the wacky day and even wackier sleep patterns I wouldn’t have insisted that they go to bed “on time” anyway. Never mind they’d only been up for an hour and a half or so. 🙂 Neither would I have been surprised that they were still awake 2 hours later since they had such a late nap. I would however be happy that though awake they were at least in their own respective beds.

I did NOT just make sure things were okay in their room and hie myself to my own bed to “sleep off” a really bad headache.

I didn’t get said headache by sitting in a too hot room for 3 hours during the “shower” the ladies at the church gave.

I would not have tossed miserably all night long with said headache.

Oh, and I didn’t wake up with the headache still pounding away….

…. but I did take 2 extra strength Tylenol. 😀

I also DID make a resolve to have a better day today even if the weekend was rather depressing, and even if I have to haul the lads with me to my Dr. appt today.

I DID NOT insist that we purchase an additional umbrella stroller so that I could keep at least ONE of the lads securely strapped down during the appointment today. I’m SURE ours is around her somewhere, but I can’t locate it, AT ALL. Those things don’t just roll away by themselves!! Someday I’ll find it and think, “Oh yeah, I put it HERE because I thought I’d remember.” So much for that!

I am NOT looking forward to the highlights of the day mainly being “outside play time” and “NAP!!!” I also am NOT completely thrilled that I have an excuse for an early nap time today since we have to leave for town early. 🙂 Hee Hee Hee!!

I would NOT keep typing random stuff even though I hardly even know what I’m doing because of the pounding headache and sleep-deprived foggy mommy brain. Ahhhhhhh….. Thanks for loving me anyway!

Enjoy your Not-Me Monday, and please tell me that I’m not the only one who sometimes feels like they’ve been through the blender?