Relaxification, and other non-happenings ;-)

So sue me if the image I had in my had about this Saturday was me sipping a tall glass of iced lemonade while basking in a cool sea-flavored breeze as I gently swayed back and forth in an oversized hammock. 😉 Not like I really expected that to happen, right? We don’t live by the sea, and we don’t own a hammock…. though I should look into that! Ha ha ha! No, my more realistic expectations for today were to get a little extra rest and then to get some stuff done that is in desperate need of doing!

For a little while there, I felt like I had all this time to get “stuff” ready for the baby and suddenly I feel like we’re running out of time!! Ack! I’m so thankful that my bro came and painted the room for me though! I can’t tell ya what a HUGE help and boost to the process that was! The wall quote and the polka dots I ordered have come in, so one of my goals for today is to get those up on the walls. I think once that is done it will make a big difference in that room!! I am taking pictures of the process! Progress for me! I usually think of it half way through, so I’m not nearly as good at documenting my projects and things as many of my friends are.

The biggest project for today is the little lady’s dresser. My MIL found one for us on craigslist! Gotta love that! But I wasn’t wild about the kind of yellowy-light-piney look to the wood. SO I’m gonna “fix” it. Originally I was just looking for a cheap dresser that I wouldn’t feel bad about painting, because in my mind that was the easiest fix. However, this one seems to be “real” wood, so I’m thinking that a nice cherry or walnut stain on it will actually look awesome! So my hubby fixed me up with the compressor sander and I am busily working on it right now, can’t you tell? 😉 No really, I am! I have to let the compressor motor “rest” between goes so that’s why I’m sitting in the cool house writing blog posts. Hee hee!! It’s going well, and I think we’ll be able to get it done quickly. If I can check this and the wall decor off my list this weekend, I think I’ll be feeling more “ready” and less hurried, ya know what I mean?? 🙂

I did sleep in today and that felt wonderful!! 🙂 Pray with me that our little gal loves to sleep as much as her brothers have! Ha ha!! That would be a huge blessing! Even though I may not be technically “ready” for her to be here, I’m still ready for her to be here! And if you’ve had babies you know exactly how that feels! Yesterday I read through the manuel of my baby K’tan sling to learn how to use it. I need to practice though, so I’m thinking about making Myles my guinea pig this afternoon if I can catch him! 😉 I’m totally “into” slings right now. I didn’t use them at all with Qade. We had a baby bjorn that we used with him, and I like it a lot, but it’s not the same cozy feeling as a sling gives. With Myles I was just starting to get into using them when he was around 8 or 9 months old, so his slinging career was a short one, but long enough for me to know that I really like using them. So this time, poor little girl will just have to be “slung” everywhere. 🙂 Hope she likes it!

The lads are having a great time playing outside while I project away today. They learned last evening that they can climb up the slide if they take off their shoes. So of course, that is the newest and greatest thing to do! 🙂 It’s been nice this morning with having just them here to entertain and play with each other. There has been so much less drama, and much more getting along on their parts. I’m not even remotely saying that when the girls are here all the drama comes from them, not so, but having 2 more selfish beings in the mix can bring out the drama in everyone. 🙂 It just is nice to have a little family time on the weekends. I’m lovin’ it!

Hope you are all having a swell weekend!! Toodles!

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