Singin’ the no-nap blues

Yeah, this week has been a wash as far as successful nap time goes. Today was by far the worst!! But since it’s Friday anything can be endured right?? Today’s was a mixed blessing actually. Qade got up, less than an hour after going “down” to tell me he needed to “go pee” and then did! I was very proud of him for “taking care of business” but rather pessimistic about him going back to sleep. I was right on that last part too. He managed to wake up Myles, who has been getting up WAY early from his naps all week anyway, and even though I sat in their room for half an hour reminding them to keep their eyes closed and go to sleep, it didn’t happen. Not to be daunted out of getting a little peace and quiet for my own sanity, I just closed the room to their door. They’ll get up at 3 just as if they’d been sleeping the whole time. I insist on having some “mommy time” during the day even if they are just having room time and spreading their toys all over creation instead of sleeping.

Well, I came back out to the living room after closing the door on the boys JUST IN TIME to hear the girls getting up. *SIGH SIGH SIGH!!!!* Oh well, my mantra for today is “IT’S FRIDAY!!!!” I’m really hoping that the girls ma will show up early(er) today than she has been. It’s been closer to 4:30 or yesterday it was 5 before she came. I know it’s the first couple weeks of school so things are still trying to get settled in, but that’s going to have to change once the little one arrives for sure. I already told you it’s that space in time in the late afternoons that the boys are at their worst, and as I recall both of them as infants struggled in that dinner-bed time block as well. So if little sis follows suit that means that between 4 and 7 will be some tough times in our house for awhile. Therefore the ladies need to be gone by then. 😉 That’s my reasoning anyway. I’m sure it won’t be a problem though. Everything has been working out very well despite the daily disputes, which hopefully they are learning to managed better amongst themselves. Seems so anyway.

But back to the topic at hand. The boys will be going to bed early tonight so I can get a jump-start on my weekend resolution of relaxation! 🙂 I think since they robbed me of my quiet time this afternoon, it’s only fair! Ha ha ha!!

Hope you all have a swell weekend, and get a good nap in if you can! Toodle-oo!!