Fix-it Friday

I haven’t done one of these in awhile, but I’m in the “mood” to dust out my editing skillz! Ha ha! So for your amusement today here is the picture they featured on and my 2 “fixes.” Let me know what you think.

Original photo:
4908703451_36bdd4c09d_b - Version 3

Fix 1:
I either like to make the colors POP or just mute them way down.. seems to be not much of a middle ground for me. So I “stamped” the image with an edit I already had that bumped up the saturation. I then focused on her eyes a little bit to really bring those out. The vignette, I think, just puts her as the focus a bit more.

Fix 2:
4908703451_36bdd4c09d_b - Version 2
Here is the “muted” fix. I love doing this with a color monochrome and then adding a bit of the ‘real’ color back in. I also bumped up the contrast a bit, and added another vignette. I like the square crop too!

Tell me what ya think!

There are more fixes you can brows by clicking the button below! Happy Friday! Hmmmm.. never mind about that, I can’t seem to get their button. Oh well, you can always go to if you want!

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