It feels like the entire 3rd trimester landed on me full force today…. well starting last night. Whew! I have been surprisingly energetic during this last trimester when normally I move like a slug through it with no discernible energy whatsoever! I’m still moving like a slug, but it’s been a slightly more energetic type this time around. Not today though, wow! I had a hard time sleeping last night. Good ol’ braxton-hicks woke me up or kept me up and I just couldn’t find a comfy position to sleep in. So I was starting out the day bleary eyed and sleepy, but even coffee didn’t really help. I had planned to sneak in a nap while the kids were down, but they had another idea. *sigh* I kind of stagger putting them down, so by the time the older ones were sleeping and I had a bite of lunch and was ready to attempt my nap, the littlest girl was up and griping very loudly about an extreeeeeeeemly gross diaper. *double sigh* Oh well. But I seriously was suffering this afternoon from lack of sleep.

Not feeling so swell… nope!

So now that the ladies have gone home I’m ready to relax, but my lads have other plans. Apparently they too are suffering from SOMETHING if not lack of sleep as well, and now have commenced to make the rest of this afternoon as unpleasant as possible. I call the time between 4pm and dinner the “witching hour” because that’s how my children behave! 🙂 I try to combat it in one way or another but the thing that seems to work best is just to put on a movie. I don’t like to do that every day. Kids are “babysat” too much by the tube. Still what’s a desperate mom to do??? Stuart is stuck at school with some delinquent student who already has to make up work due to being suspended on the FIRST WEEK of school. So here I am all alone with my two “happy” lads, ha ha ha!! Funny how you can make anything a drama. 😉

Well, I decided that the behavior did not deserve to be rewarded with a movie today. So Qade is “enjoying” some solitary room time, and Myles, amazingly, seems fairly content to chew on Potato Head parts for the time being. Now I can go get started on that dinner. I think we’ll get food in tummies, bath time and an early bed tonight for all parties. 😉

Happy Tuesday!

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