I know, second post for today wow! Actually I’m procrastinating on wrestling with car seats, ugh! I wanted to give you a couple of links you can visit for a little more info on some of the stuff I mentioned in my ‘experiments’ blog post. So here goes.

HERE is a link to a site that will give you more info than you will EVER use on uses for vinegar. It’s white vinegar, but there are also things you can use Cider Vinegar for with better results…. I don’t know why, but the hair rinse is one of them.

THIS is a post written by my friend on the Oil Cleansing Method. I’m loving it!! Even though a lot of things I read on it suggest using a blend of castor and EVOO, I’m really liking the Coconut oil because the smell and feel is so pleasant! Wow, you’ve got to try this. Oh, and I’m sure you can find coconut oil in stores like Trader Joes and others, but I found it on Amazon for $13 for 2 15oz containers. They will last a LONG time as this is all I’m using it for.

HERE is another blogger raving about the amazing effects of going “no-poo” and using Baking Soda washes and cider vinegar rinses for your hair. You’ll notice her hair is pretty short. I honestly think that is the key. My long hair just wasn’t getting enough moisture with this method though I really enjoyed getting it clean w/o the effects of shampoo. Now I’m totally loving using the baking soda in the conditioner and my hair is very pretty and soft and touchable as well! Last night Stuart was rubbing my head and he said, “Wow your hair does feel good!” So that works for me!! I know that conditioners still have small amounts of those chemicals in them, but for now it’s working. I’ll keep looking for a natural method, but as the co-wash suggests using some of the cheapest conditioners anyway, I think it’s still frugal. Just my own take. 😉

Okay, well I’m off. I have 4 children in this house who in the next half hour need to be gotten up from naps, changed if applicable, and packed into the car. I’m dropping off 2 with their dad and then hauling the lads with me to my first midwife appt. *sigh* It’s going to be an adventuresome afternoon! 😉

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