Becoming Big

Yesterday morning on our “day of rest” HA! I went into the lad’s room to get them ready for church when I was greeted by a fully dressed Qade and a newly changed Myles (in diaper only) and Qade’s cute little voice piping up, “I’m already dressed!” Which I could clearly see. What I couldn’t figure out was how in the world Myles had been changed!! As I was feeding them breakfast and hurrying through the morning to make it to church on time I asked Qade if he had changed Myles, and he said, “Myles changed his diaper.” Well, I didn’t believe that for an instant. Turns out Myles had INDEED taken his old diaper off, but had a little help with his new diaper. While I was getting ready the boys were wailing in their room and Daddy went to check it out. He found Qade dressed just like I had, but Myles was running around in the nude in their room, so he slapped a diaper on him and told them to clean up their room. Ha ha ha!!

I admit that I was impressed with Qade getting himself completely dressed. He even chose clothes that “go” together, and while he wasn’t wearing a collared shirt like I usually put him in for church, I let him wear his own outfit to church. He has been resistant to doing those things “by himself” like getting dressed and putting his shoes on. It’s not for lack of ability because I know he can do it, but he’d rather mom just do it for him. Slowly I’m starting to refuse to do things for him so he is learning though usually kicking and screaming along the way. So it made me happy to see him take the initiative to get dressed all on his own. Myles succeeded in getting his feety jammies off and diaper removed, but we still have a ways to go on the putting things ON part. 😉

Qade is getting more “into” being a big boy. I’ve tried that tactic on him time and again with the whole potty training thing, and for the longest time he didn’t seem to care a bit about being a big boy. Although when I would ask him to do something he didn’t like he’d like to answer, “I’m bigger” as if that excused him from anything he didn’t feel like doing. Hmmmmm… not cool.

But I have to say that while this potty training battle has lasted far longer than I EVER EVER wanted it to, I believe we are making progress. Knock on wood!! I was going to write an exulting post on Saturday about how wonderful of a week we had had and the strides that our “big boy” was making only to have a “double whammy” accident first thing on Saturday. *sigh* He seemed pretty upset about it though, so maybe that’ll help. Last week he really did do great! Last Sunday didn’t bode well for the week being good as he completely wet through his outfit by the time we got to church. This was with us even repeatedly asking him if he needed to go. A huge mommy uh-oh then came to light because while I had put fresh unders in our diaper bag, I completely forgot an extra pair of pants. Oh dear! So we packed him back up in his seat after changing his pants, and pulled out of the parking lot without having even darkened the church door. 🙁

(A little aside here, it kind of humored me that because we were seen leaving by another couple pulling in late we got a call from that couple as well as the pastor this week just “checking” to make sure everything was okay. 🙂 It humored me and also made me think. Why is it that people only feel compelled to “check up” on you if they think that something is wrong? Shouldn’t we be more involved in people’s lives especially other believers to the point where we would know if there was something wrong? Also if something was “wrong” in that sense do we really expect people to tell us about it if the only time we’re willing to put any effort into their lives is if we are curious about “what’s going on” with them??? Just some thoughts. Personally I don’t think there is enough fellowship or unity among believers but that we often try to salve our conscience by putting ourselves forward when something seems ‘wrong.’ I don’t go for that myself. Not that I was in any way offended by the calls this week, just chuckled to myself, but if something really was wrong, I wouldn’t want to talk about it to people who don’t really show real interest in my life or concerns on a “normal” day. Not sure if all of that came out understandable, but maybe someone can relate) Back to the real subject…

Monday I was expecting more issues with the potty training since we’d had SUCH a bad Sunday with it, but surprisingly it didn’t happen! Qade told me several times each day this week that he was “keeping my unders dry!” and he did!!! The week started as usual with me telling him to go potty every so often. By Thursday though, he was taking the initiative to go on his own! THRILL!!! And he’d even tell me when he needed to go “poey” and ask for a story! Ahhhhh!!! I can’t even describe what a relief this week has been on that front! I’ve been so tired of the whole process for quite some time, but this past week I saw at least a glimmer of light at the end of this rather revolting tunnel!!!

Yesterday I was certain to pack an extra pair of pants “in case” of an accident. On our way to church, which is a 45 min drive, Qade piped up from the back that he was “keeping his unders dry” which kind of tipped me off. I asked if he needed to go and he said yes, so we pulled over, (it’s so easy for boys!!) and while he had “leaked” a little bit, he stopped himself in order to ‘keep dry.’ I was still proud of him for telling us. He told us several times through our shopping and driving too. So while it wasn’t a completely dry success, I still chalk it up to a victory in our little adventure. 🙂 Hopefully this week will be at least as good as last! I’d love to have him confident with the whole process before the baby comes, because I am anticipating some regressions when we add another family member, but perhaps I’ll be surprised! 🙂

Have a swell Monday!

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