Buddy System 2.0 pt IV

Thanks to a sturdy super glue fix I can actually type now! I was trying to spare my pinkie, but found that typing with just 4 fingers on my right hand wasn’t working so swell. There’s nearly no pain associated with my cut since I glued it last night so hopefully this will work out fine! Besides did you know that the vast majority of your typing is done with the fingers on your LEFT hand?? In fact I read that the left had does 56% of the typing and that, “More than 3,000 English words utilize QWERTY’s left hand alone.” That is if you’re typing correctly instead of hunting and pecking. 😉 Just a little Jeopardy trivia for ya today.

But on to the story…

At the end of our second summer both working at TWR we were all hit with a bomb shell! The camp had been sold and would be moving to a new location!! Everyone’s heart sank. We know, now more than ever, that a camp is NOT the place where it is held, but the people involved with it, but even so we were all pretty in love with that place. There just isn’t another “Lake Agnes” to be had out there, and it was hard to let it go….. still is, actually. But it did spur quite a few of us to determine that we were going to be back “next summer” for the last summer in that spot. Stu and I were no exception. In fact I was so determined that I stayed on that fall, since I gave up teaching to work at camp anyway, and worked as op-staff for the fall and winter camp activities. Stuart had to go back to school, and surprise surprise, started seriously dating the gal he had been writing all summer. This wasn’t a problem for me since I wasn’t interested in Stu and because I was pretty busy myself! The Fall season at camp was CRAZY! But fun! 🙂

I worked temp jobs where I could find them the rest of the year when I wasn’t at camp, and it worked out great. Initially I had told the director that I didn’t need to counsel that last summer. I had counseled for 3 summers, and thought that perhaps being on op-staff that last one would be a good switch. I didn’t “feel” quite right about that though, so I called him back and let him know that while I was willing to do “whatever,” I thought that I had better counsel again. At that time he didn’t really want to switch me, so I just waited to see what would happen. Low and behold, it worked out for me to team lead again, only THIS time I would be on the BLUE team!! After 2 summers on Red, I tell ya, it was a hard switch, but I found out I’d be team leading with Stuart. So we’d be bro/sis for the second time in 3 years. I could deal with that.

I began another short dating relationship that I can pretty much only classify as “experimental” that spring. I think dating (here I go again) is a difficult place to be. Some people relish it, and just love the dating life and all that excitement. I for one never did. Oh, some of it was fun of course, but nearly all of it was difficult for me. I’ve since come to the conclusion that I’m just not social enough for that method of getting to know people. In my experience guys were a LOT of fun to be friends with, but not so much to be “boyfriends.” For me, as soon as you slapped that label on things, the fun went away, and all you got to replace it with was pressure. Pressure to be the “perfect one” and always do and say the right thing, pressure to be “in love” right away, and have stars in your eyes, and never want to do anything with anyone but that person. Just lots of pressure. Ick! Didn’t like it, still don’t and probably never will. So needless to say, (obviously) that short relationship was doomed for failure, but I still learned through it. It ended shortly into the summer, and by the time I knew it needed to end I had decided that I was DONE with dating FOREVER!!!!

And I was right! Just so you know…. Stuart and I NEVER dated! 🙂

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