So it begins

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new era in our household routine. It’s not going to be “normal” yet for a while since we’re kind of stuck in a transition holding pattern it seems. But it is a new beginning. That’s one positive thing about Mondays, you always have a chance at a new beginning…. any day really, but before I start waxing eloquent on that little thought I’ll move on….

The girls are coming over tomorrow. Their mom starts some extra first year teacher training and they will be here through Wed then not on Thurs and then “for real” on Friday! Wow!! I can’t believe summer is gone and school stuff is starting!!! It goes so fast, especially when they keep adding extra stuff to the school year, seriously!

We got back from Colorado and a quick visit to “Tiff’s house” as Qade would say, and we are minus one son!!! Yep, we actually left Qade behind to spend a couple extra days with his cousin and grandparents. Stu’s parents are heading back this way tomorrow with our Monkey in tow. Hope he does well in the truck for them. I imagine he’ll be just fine eating up all the extra grandparent attention he can. It was difficult for me to drive away and leave him there. Not because I don’t think he’ll be okay, I couldn’t imagine leaving him with people would be taking BETTER care of him, but just because he’s not supposed to be ‘big’ enough to spend weekends away from Mommy yet. 🙂 Selfish, I know, but he’s just getting all grown up way too fast for my liking. *sniff sniff* Plus I’m exceedingly pregnant and subject to random emotions, so it was a bit of a twist on this lil mommy’s heart (heart is little, not the mommy) to leave her ‘baby’ behind. BUT I am still glad that he got to stay and I know he’s having way more fun than is good for him!! 😉 Myles misses his brother. He was extra fussy today and couldn’t seem to figure out what to play with when no one was trying to take it from him! Ha ha ha!!

So I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for tomorrow. It’s going to be atypical anyway because Qade isn’t home, and I have to leave in the afternoon for an OB apt. So poor Stu will be holding down the fort till I get back, but fortunately for him it’s during nap time!! 🙂 Here’s hoping that the girls will settle down and actually take a good nap for him being in a different place and all. But hopefully by next Monday I’ll be able to start putting that great structure that I’ve been mentioning, into place and we’ll all ease into the new routine together. I picked up our preschool curriculum from my mom’s house last week, and just briefly glanced into it. It’s going to be so much fun, and I’m super-duper excited about what the kids will be learning!! I’m really going to try not to be too high pressure about it, especially with Qade since he is only 3. I do want to make it fun and something that they look forward to each day, so I’ll have to really be creative about how I package it for them.

Anyway, I have a half folded basket of laundry, a dishwasher that needs to be emptied, and a coffee pot to schedule for my morning cuppa since I now HAVE to get up! 🙂 Yet, here I sit chatting away to you guys! Ha ha ha!! I’ve missed you though, so there you go! Hope that you all have a fantastic Monday. Wish me luck, I have to grocery shop tomorrow! Ugh!


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