Hey, wait for me!!

That’s what I felt like yelling to my day as it apparently decided to take off without me this morning. Bah! Yes, my morning went something like this… oh wait, I should start with last night first: Memo to me, don’t watch scary CSI type real life crime shows before bed, thank you! Due to the fact that I was positive that the murdered woman’s husband was probably going to come in and push me down the stairs (never mind there were no stairs) my eyes were wide open when they should have been sleeping. 🙂 I hadn’t realized just how much I rely on Stu to be my big hero, even when there’s not really any heroing that needs to be done, ha ha ha!! Anyway, that combined with Qade throwing his apendages all over the bed made for a less than restful night of slumber…. at least for me.

So this morning, early, I was still ready to be sleeping when I felt/heard the familiar stirring of children waking. Oh dear! It was accompanied by some very violent yawns though so I was HOPING that perhaps they’d just roll over and go back to sleep which is exactly what I was about to do. That is until the Grand-daddy of all leg cramps decided to attack!! OWIE OWIE OWIE!!!! I was doing my best not to scream, and not to eat the stuffing out of my pillow as well, because I didn’t want to ruin the chance (if there was one) of getting some more zzz’s. But this leg cramp was BAD, oh my! Finally I had to get out of bed and put some pressure on my leg for it to kind of ease up. It is STILL incredibly sore FYI, just thought you’d like to know. Once that sorta ended, I did crawl back under the sheet (it’s WAY too hot for covers!) and close my eyes again. The boys were still lying down and quite so I thought to myself, “Yay, they really did go back to sleep” and I relished the thought of more morning snooze time for me! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

After awhile I thought I’d open one eye to peek at Qade and make sure he was really sleeping. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that he wasn’t even in the bed!! I popped up like a piece of toast and imediately noticed that Myles wasn’t in HIS bed either! Oh bother!! Here I was thinking in my head what wonderfully well behaved boys they were being for mommy this morning, and low and behold, the little scammers have figured out that if they want “loose” they just have to be REALLY quiet so Mommy doesn’t hear them!!! Well, of course I hopped out of bed, and hobbled down the hall (my leg is sore remember?). I found Myles quietly playing with machbox cars on the coffee table while Qade was helping himself to the bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup that he had routed out of the fridge. *sigh*

I won’t tell you exactly what happened next but for the next 1/2 hour we were all LOCKED in our room and I insisted that they stay just as quiet as they had been while I ‘rested’ HA!

After that memorable begining to the day that I couldn’t quite catch up with, I had a gloomy presentiment that it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day all around. It started to come true as BOTH of my lads had fits during breakfast and had to be removed from the table. I was begining to turn into the wicked witch of the west, but things actually did get better! First I went to the chiropractor and had a very very needed adjustment. Sounded like a 21 gun salute in my head when he cracked my neck! THEN my mom called and suggested we go shopping for the little girl! Yay!! There’s this great mom/baby consignment shop here and we found, probably more than she’ll need, adorable gently used baby clothes! That was fun, and the lads went with us and were very good shopping helpers right up till we were walking out the door. So I was able to deal with those fussies without my hair going all frizzy! 🙂

This afternoon while the lads were recharging napping, me and mom went and got pedicures! Ahhhhhhh!! Happy, happy feet! Plus the calf massage felt really good on my sore leg! 😀

So even though the day started without me, and I was playing catch up for part of it, I think I finally DID catch it, and it’s turning out mucho better!! I really miss my man though. This has been the longest that we’ve been seperated since we were married, and it’s not fun! 🙁 I know the boys miss him too though they aren’t able to communicate that really. They’ve both enjoyed talking to him on the phone, but their behaviore is certainly hurting for some Daddy influence! One more day!!!

Hope you all are having groovy days and they haven’t taken off and left you in the dust! You have to be careful with those things ya know. They can be tricky! 🙂 Ta ta for now, Friends!

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