Oodles of Energy

That’s my boys! Oh yes, bundles of perpetual motion! I’m sure if I turned them in for science we could be done with our energy issues in no time. 😉 Ha ha!! Nah, I’d never do that of course! Guess I just have to wind my own spring a little tighter these days. That’s not an easy thing to do as I’m quickly aproaching the 8 month mark in this pregnancy. My energy is depleated by the most simple taks like, getting the lads changed and dressed in the morning. Okay, actually that is NOT a simple task that’s monumental, but still…. I shouldn’t need to take a nap after that! 🙂
Right now we are enjoying some extended family time with the grandparents. It’s nice for me to be able to drop off the lads and take some time to enjoy a toffe nut frap from Starbucks and get some errands done without two little ones in tow! Living where we do this is a rare and very enjoyable treat!! I love being a SAHM to my monkeys, but a little mommy-me-time is very valuable for a mentally stable mom who can function in her family unit much better. And if that makes any sense to you that means you’re a mom too, and you know what I mean!

Speaking of monkeys, our littlest monkey had his first trip to the ER this week. I had just arrived in town and spent some time with the grandparents, much to the delight of the lads. We were trying to settle in at Oma’s house which only really consisted in setting up the pack-n-play for Myles. He had been wriggling around on the bed “waiting” for me to change him into his jammies. Guess he got a little impatient because he ran out of the room to go discover what his big brother was doing. Not 30 seconds later Oma and I heard the big thump and the wailing that usually goes along with those noises. I didn’t think too much of it as I headed that direction to “fix” the problem. I met Qade booking it down the hall as fast as he could away from the scene of the crime, so I’m pretty sure that he was culpable in some way with what happened. But I quickly had other things on my mind that turning CSI to find out how or what Qade did. When I got to the living room, Myles was on the floor with blood already running down his face! Head wounds do that, and it’s always freaky, but generally once you get to the boo-boo, it’s not that bad. That was the case with Myles. Qade finally told us, after Oma found him hiding in the closet, that Myles “fell of the chair and hit the table” which we assume was the coffee table, but not 100% sure. He had a little slash on his forehead less than an inch long, but it was pretty deep and gaping. *sigh* So much for getting to bed early. Myles is our tough kid, and was very brave the whole time. He was more upset about me holding ice on his head than anything.

Anyway, mom and dad came over, and dad took me and the boy to the ER while Mom got to put Qade to bed. I’m not a huge fan of ER’s, who is? but this one did a good job, and I have to say that we were there less than 3 hours, though at the time it seemed long! When the doc finally came in, he was pretty positive that Myles owie could be glued instead of stitched. That made me VERY happy!! I was dreading the trauma of him having to get stitches!! Can you imagine? Being that little, not knowing what was going on and being restrained so someone can sew your head?? Scary! So God took care of that detail for me, and I was SO thankful!!! Myles did great during the gluing. He cried some because I”m sure it stung, but as soon as they were done, he was running around and trying to monkey on everything again!! I suggested that he stop since it was his monkey tendencies that got us there in the first place!! As we left Myles was smiling and laughing and generally making friends with everyone in the ER. He was saying “See ya” to everyone as we left, and I was adding “I hope not!”

Poor lil dude’s face has really got the brunt of his accidents this summer! We made an agreement that the next boo-boo would NOT be on his face! 😉 Oma got him some mederma and I’m pretty confident that his head won’t have much of a scar. His face is looking so much better from his steps incident, only to have this happen. Oh well, I’m just very happy that it wasn’t worse and that I had family here to help me with the whole thing. Mommies need a little extra support when their babies are hurt!

So now we are concentrating on enjoying our time and not having any more accidents!! 🙂 Hope you all are having a great weekend! For some reason the spell check isn’t working on this WINDOWS machine, and I’m too lazy to go back through and fix the typos. Sorry about that, you’ll just have to imagine the correct words for me! Toodles!

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