There’s a Michael Buble song called Home that we discovered while we lived in Greenville. It’s been one of my favorites ever since then. Of course at that time we were thinking of home as in the West. Now I can be a little more specific. 🙂 IT’S GOOD TO BE HOME!! Camp was good, the staff were great, and we were glad to be there. Still there is nothing in the world like coming home and knowing you really are HOME!!! 😀 We will be going hither and thither still for the next few weeks, but somehow it still feels like we’re back! Yay!

Qade told me the day after we got back, “I’m glad to be home!” It was cute! But really, it did seem like the lads realized something was different this time. I’m sure kids pick up on things more that I give them credit for, but sometimes I probably project my own feelings onto them as well. Either way, they were happily running around the house getting reacquainted with their toys and room. We do have quite a bit more space here for feet that just must move! 😉 Plus our dirt here isn’t as “dirty” if that’s even possible! I have to get some good stain fighters for our next few loads of laundry to remove some of those ground in camp experiences.

I spent the day Saturday unpacking and getting resettled here. As much as possible. With the baby coming we’ve got quite a bit of organizing and redistributing to do with some of our rooms. But that will come. I have ideas of how I want to fix the little girl’s room, and am anxious to start, but it’s going to be busy still for awhile, and I need to pace myself. Pacing or not, I have been in a “nesting” mode somewhat since we got home. Yesterday and last night we had the camp staff stay with us before they started out on their Canadian trek this morning. It was good to see them, however briefly, before they start out. We miss going this year, but know for sure that it’s the best thing. My hip/back probably wouldn’t hold up well with that many hours in a vehicle. And again, it’s really good to be HOME!! 🙂 We had a couple of sick staff members struggling through this weekend, though. I feel pretty bad for them! Road trips are not fun when you feel icky. But just to make sure that the ick didn’t stick around here I wiped down every wipeable surface with clorox wipes today. We have nicely cleaned and sanitized door knobs and light switches among others. 🙂

Hopefully that’ll help. The lads already seem to have a touch of a cold or bad allergies. Noses are runny and voices are scratchy, but it doesn’t stop them from playing full tilt that’s for sure! I’m super excited because today my Dad is brining us an outdoor play set!!! I’ve been looking on and off on craigslist for a used one that we can have, especially since I’ll have extra kids here this year. Well we found one, well used, but in good condition and in a doable price range. That’s the biggest key! So Dad is hauling it out for us, and this afternoon/evening, we can sand it down, and hopefully get some wood sealer on it. I’m excited for the lads to get to play on it. There are 3 different swings and a good sized slide plus plenty of climbing surfaces. 🙂 Good to have when you’re kids are monkeys like mine! I’ll be interested to see how brave they are with the slide. I tried to get them to the park a few times this summer, but while they like to climb up, neither of them is terribly keen on sliding down. Myles is a little more likely to give it a go than Qade. But you can still see that momentary look of terror in his face as he slides down! Ha ha ha!! It totally cracks me up! Now that they’ll have one in their own backyard, I’m sure they’ll get confident with it!

So I’ll post pictures of our “new” fun play set sometime soon! I’m probably more excited about it than the lads could ever be! Ha ha ha!

Lunch time calls, and so do 2 rather fussy lads, so I’d better start fulfilling my real responsibilities instead of just chatting with y’all. 😉

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