The End

This morning I’ve been packing! It seems like we’ve been in a constant state of packing and unpacking the past 6 weeks! 🙂 That’s camp life for us though. Hard to believe it’s actually our last day!! It’s been fast and furious, but good. I am thankful that God has given us the chance to work in a camp ministry. Camp has been an important part of both of our lives, and now will have an important part in our kid’s lives too! What a great God! He truly is so good to us. Not only does he provide abundantly more than our needs, but He generously allows many of our wants as well. Then He works in our hearts and lives to bring us to the exact place that we LOVE to be. Wow! Not that there aren’t difficult moments, but even through those the peace in Christ that we have from being where we need to be makes it worthwhile.

Anyway, that was all free. 🙂 You’re welcome!

I’m going to brave the thunders and run out to the vehicle for the camera. I’ve neglected giving you all that photo-tour of camp that I’ve promised. Now is as good a time as any since we will be shortly gone from here for the summer! Be right back!

Okay, so while that’s working and I have a captive audience waiting for the pictures I’ll just keep rambling. These probably aren’t the best pics in the world. I took them with our point and shoot camera, which actually does a pretty good job, but the problem was the time of day and sunlight angle. But still it’ll give you a pretty good idea of what camp looks like.

We have enjoyed being at camp, like I said, but we’re all really looking forward to being at home! Going into the summer I was thinking that we’d get to have some great ‘family time’ after camp ended, but this coming month looks like it will be just as busy, in a different way, as this last one has been. Stuart is diligently working on school stuff and getting his certification and everything solid. I’m so thankful to be married to such a fantastic man! He works so hard for our family AND camp. Even though I know I don’t say it often enough, and others say it even less, I appreciate everything he does, and the way that he gives 200% to everything he does, even if it’s not something he necessarily wants to do. I’m a lucky gal!! But however that may be, it does mean that he will be busy this month. We’re leaving camp early today because he has a test to take tomorrow. Then the following week starts about 5 days of education conference for him. I know he’ll have a great time because he loves to learn, but we’ll miss him!! After that we’re going to take a couple days to “camp” (more or less) with his family. The day after we get back I start babysitting, and that Friday is Stu’s first official day “back to school.” What in the world happend to summer??? I think it’s just wrong for school to be starting the first week of Aug. Crazy!

So that in a nut-shell, is what’s going to be going on. I’m looking forward to some stability in our schedules and routines though. I know the boys could certainly benefit from it and that means I would too. My goal is for us to have some kind of established regular daily routine set before the little lady shows up. I know that anticipated event will throw us all for a loop, but if we have a routine that we can fall back into, instead of starting from scratch, it’ll be better. So as exhausted as I am third trimester, I’ll be happy to put the effort into getting our lil family back in line. 🙂 That’s what mommies do, right?

Okay I’ve keept you long enough. Here are the pictures of camp in Alpine, AZ. You all should come visit sometime!

The bottom of the road to camp.

The steep part of the road! Pushing the double stroller up this hill is difficult!

This is the camp entrance. The hill behind kind of reminds me of Baker at TWR. 🙂

Aspen Lodge


The back

Fire pit

The field

Guy’s cabins

Snack Shop/Gen Store

Our “little house in the mountains” cabin

Love Aspen!!

When Grandpa was here, he let the lads ride their bikes to the other side of the field. Guess who was carrying bikes back? 😉

Aspen Lodge. Ta ta till next summer!

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