Another Day

Not feeling so hot today. 🙁 Blah! Of course with as many of our staff who have been down and out, I shouldn’t be surprised if I start feeling icky. Hopefully though, it’s just a mild touch of tiredness. 🙂 I am feeling pretty exhausted, but after trying to nap for the last half hour and noting that my brain was only going faster and faster, I gave up in favor of blogging all of my woes to you guys. Hee hee!

Today Myles and I made a quick run to town for some FOOD! Yay for eating! One of my favorite pastimes I must say! So now some beef is cooking up in the crock pot and will later be joined with onions and peppers so we can have fajitas for dinner. I even got some avocados for some fresh guacamole!! Num! Beats the pizza noodle stuff they’ll be eating in the dining hall for sure! 😉 No complaints though, the camp cooks, and nutritionalist have been doing a fantastic job this summer! I just prefer to do my own shopping and sometimes I prefer to do my own cooking, oddly enough. 🙂

The retched moths have been plaguing my life out for the past several nights. It’s actually been more like a week of nights where I’ve either heard them knocking their own ridiculously ugly heads against the wall above the bed or buzzing past my ears while I’m trying to sleep! One night I got up and annihilated about 4 of them, but there were still more lurking. Grrrr!! Several nights I’ve just pulled the covers or a pillow over my head so I can’t hear them. I hate sleeping with stuff on my head! Then last night I reached over to turn down the humidifier next to the bed because it felt like the bed was actually getting wet from it, and I must have disturbed one who was sitting by the pretty green “on” light. As soon as I turned the knob and moved my hand back, something buzzed past my head! ARGH!!! I went to bed feeling very ill last night, so this didn’t improve my mental state. I turned on the light and attempted to swat the crazy flying beast, but I apparently can’t aim with a little rubber spatula! I needed a ginormous fly swatter for sure, because suddenly this little rogue was joined by like 5 other of his ilk all fluttering like mad around the lamp!! It seemed like every time I’d swat at one they’d divide and suddenly there would be twice as many! Finally I gave up, turned on a different light, turned off the bed light, and sat in the easy chair pouting till I thought it was safe to return. My poor husband has a lot to put up with I tell ya! 😉 I don’t remember there being this moth infestation last year, but I’m pretty sure we sprayed the cabin with that ortho bug stuff last time, so maybe that made the difference. Who knows! Just 2 more nights! I think I can, I think I can….

It sounds and smells like it wants to rain out there right now, and I think that would be lovely! I love mountain rain showers!! Of course it IS free-time and the campers are having a blast climbing the wall, hurling themselves down the gauntlet, and playing paint ball, so I guess it would actually be better if the rain holds off for a couple more hours. 🙂

Anyway, that’s my little world in a nutshell for now. Hope you all are having fine and fabulous summer days! Toodles!

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