Wilson Family

I’ve been twisting the arms of some people I know to get some good family portraits for my portfolio! 🙂 Matt, Rachael and Benton Boy aren’t ACTUAL relatives, but they’re about as close as you can get, so I felt welcome to twist away and get some pictures of their awesome family! 😉 We did an evening shoot, and unfortunately the light was just not quite what it needed to be, so I didn’t get as many good shots as I wanted. Still here are a couple that I did like. Maybe… just maybe… they’ll let me “practice” on them one more time! 🙂

All time favorite from the shoot!

This one turned out well. They’re just so cute!

Silly Boy!!


And one more of these full color!

Some friends of ours will be bringing teens to camp next week. Actually, I’ve never met the hub yet, but Wendy worked with us several summers at camp when we were all young and single! Now she has a beautiful family with a little gal and little guy too. They’ve kindly agreed to letting me snag some pics of them also, so I’m looking forward to that! Stay tuned, I’ll be posting more pictures sometime soon. 🙂 If anyone wants some pics made, feel free to let me know!! 😀

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