Photo Wednesday!

Hi Friends! I have been neglecting you and I’m sorry, but that’s camp! 🙂 Thought I’d at least post a few photos so you can see what we’ve been doing, a little. I’ll try to do some more this weekend, but don’t hold your breath! You might end up a lovely shade of deep blue!

We went with the staff to Big Lake for a dinner picnic and these are some of my favorite photos from that day. I just love the perspective AND the sun flair on this one!!

The lads LOVED the watermellon and in fact it was about all they ate! Qade had 6 or 7 pieces!!!

This has got to be one of my favorite pics ever!

Here are the lads sporting their new summer hair cuts! I’m still intimidated about cutting their hair, but it turned out okay.

Now for the sad pictures! Poor littlest buddy hasn’t been feeling well, and before I realized that he actually had a fever and THAT was why he wanted to cuddle, he lost his balance on the steps of our cabin deck and scraped his face all up. 🙁 It was a sad evening for the lad! There was a splinter nearly through his cheek (not deep, but from bottom to top) and I had to enlist the help of one of our wonderful camp nurses to help get it out. He was such a brave boy the whole time!! It was later when we were comforting him that we realized he was very hot, and did indeed have a temperature. 🙁 So sad!! His face looks simply awful, but he doesn’t really seem to notice it too much. At least it doesn’t keep him from jumping on the bed and sliding, face first, over the couch! He is taking a trip to the clinic today though, just to see if they can figure out why he’s had a temp, and check to make sure there’s no infection in his cheek. My poor baby boy!!
Day it happened.
Next day

I have a pic of the actual splinter that I’ll post later too. He’s been so good about the whole thing! I just want him to get feeling better so he can enjoy the 4th weekend with all his family that are coming over.

Hope those pics can tide you over for a little while. Stuart paired up our wireless keyboard with the iPad today so I should be able to post a little more often these next two weeks. We’ll see. Anyway, enjoy your 4th of July and remember….

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