Mr. Independent

This weekend was a break through for my little Myles. We’ve had a hard time with him and his “stranger danger” anxiety the past 6 months. We tried several times to get him to go with Qade to children’s church with more or less success. Usually less. I don’t think he ever made it through a whole service without a hysterical meltdown. The pastor’s wife is very good and worked with Qade a lot when we were first taking him there, but even she couldn’t get Myles calmed down.

Sunday though sang a different tune this time around! I rushed in with Qade to go potty as soon as we got to church and Stu got Myles out of the car. While he was unbuckling him and walking in, he was really talking up Sunday School to Myles and asking him if he would like to go with Qade. Myles answered with his always enthusiastic “Uh-Huh!” and that was that! I came out of the bathroom with Qade and Daddy said, “Follow Qade.” and to my utter amazement he walked right into the Sunday School room and sat at the table with Qade and the other kids!! I told the workers that I wasn’t sure how long he would last and to get us if they needed to. Imagine my surprise when I never once heard a shriek or scream come from that room the whole service! Not only that, but the ladies told Stuart that he had been just great the whole time when we picked them up!! Awwww!! It’s a victory, but bittersweet of course. Even though I want to be able to sit through services with Stuart, it was still a sweet thing to want to be wanted by my lil guy and get to comfort and hold him.

He has really started strutting his independence though. To the point where he now believes it’s unnecessary to hold my hand in parking lots and such. He likes to march on ahead swinging his arms all around. That gets nipped right away though, because parking lots and roads are NOT a place for independent thinking little 20 month olds! Still it’s obvious that he considers himself a big boy and is happy to try his best to keep up with the other kids around camp.

Stu and I were talking this weekend about how big he seems, and how he’s not our baby any more. 🙁 Happens SO fast! He’s still our littlest buddy and even though he is flexing his “independence muscles” a bit more these days, most of the time he’s rather compliant and very sweet.

I did a “photo walk through” of camp today when we took our walk so I’ll be posting some pics soon of where we are. 😉 It’s a pretty place, full of fun stuff like DIRT for the lads to enjoy! Have a great Tuesday! Ta-ta!

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