Back matters

So some of you may know that I tend to have “issues” with my hip and back. Pregnancy does NOTHING to help those issues let me tell you!! This time around is no exception, in fact it seemed quite a bit worse for a couple weeks in there. I was beginning to wonder if I would be walking at all for the second half of my pregnancy. BUT I am happy to report that recently it has been MUCH much better!! I haven’t been moving less, in fact I’ve been doing a lot more walking, and maybe that’s actually helped. I tend to think, though, that some of y’all must be praying for me! So if that’s you, THANKS!!! 🙂 I like to be able to move and sit and stuff. 😉

On other pregnancy related topics, swelling has begun. *sigh* It’s not too bad (yet) and I’m trying to counteract it with lots of H2O and some “feet up” time. I noticed it on Saturday when we were driving to the airport. It was quite a long stretch in the car, and then it was getting REALLY hot. Heat, I’ve found, does not help the swelling situation. But I’m hopeful that our time in the cooler mountains, though it’s been hotter up here than I ever recall as well, will help keep the swelling under control and then when I get home I’m going to get a kiddy pool for the lads and sit in it with ice chunks all day! 😉 Okay, maybe not ice chunks. Anyway, when I had Qade I experienced bad swelling. My ankles just completely disappeared for a few months. I remember the day I looked down and actually saw my ankle bone several weeks after Qade was born! I was soooo happy to see my ankles back, ha ha ha! That’s one of those funny rather random moments in time that just stick out for some reason. I would be thrilled to NOT have a repeat experience of that though, which is why I’ve got my feet up and am sipping water right now.

I am now 25 (and a half!) weeks along, and I have gained *gulp* 25 lbs. For those of you who hate math, that’s an average of a pound a week!!! My “only gaining 30lbs bubble” was burst rather quickly. However, I am still doing my best to keep active, and try not to indulge TOO much. 😉 My new “goal” is not to gain over 40, but we all know how that last trimester goes. *sigh* Still, here’s hoping. 🙂 I’m not worried about the weight coming off. I know it will, it’s just a matter of how soon. 😉 Ha ha ha!! I’m already dreaming of the day I can wear “skinny” clothes again.

Another pregnancy “perk” that I sometimes get are leg cramps!! OWIE!! I’ve had several “near misses” recently, but this morning I caught a doozy full on. Wow! That is one way to insure you actually wake up!! Most of the cramps I’ve had are right behind my knee or in the arch of my foot. This one though was all along the side of my calf. Weirdest thing ever! Very painful too! Not really sure why pregnancy makes you more susceptible to those, but it’s not fun. I’m hoping that the extra water I’m trying to drink will help with that as well. Ah the things we endure for the joy of being mommy to one more little one!! Wouldn’t trade it for anything!! Not for being a perfect size 6, or for having amazing skin, or not having constant pressure on my hip. It’s all totally worth it! Even jumping out of bed with leg cramps! 😉

Anyway, that’s what’s up in my own little prego world. Camp is moving right along. The guys are practice, practice, practicing for fun time tonight. I’m debating about letting the boys “stay up” to see it. More for me than them of course, they don’t get it, but I think that they would enjoy it. I’ll just have to test the waters with how their attitudes are holding up this evening. Hope you’re having a great week, and staying cool somehow! Toodles!

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