Mopping, Mildew and Milestones

Okay, so it has been a busy week. Not as busy for me as for some, but still “more busier” than usual. 🙂 The fun part about being a camp Mommy is that you can always use your kids as an excuse to go take a nap!! Ha ha ha!! Just kidding! (sorta) Anyway, I am learning as I said that I can’t be as involved as I once was or even as I’d like right now. But I have two very good reasons to limit my involvement and another on the way! We’re having fun at camp!

This weekend however we’ve been home. We had planned to come home anyway because our animals need to be attended to and we’d like to go to our church on Sundays anyway. This weekend turned out to be a little different than we expected though. We had a couple at camp who’d been helping out during staff training and needed to fly out on Saturday. So we took them to ABQ and had an impromptu lunch with my family. That was fun! Then we headed home that afternoon. So it was good that we were able to help out that way, but it cut our time at camp short and we didn’t get to tie up some ends. I hate to leave stuff to other people… feel like I’m slacking or something. Oh well….

I expected a house of horrors when we got home because our friend who’s feeding the cat and dog (here’s hoping he’s still our friend by the time camp is done!) called Stu and told him that the cat had puked a couple times and had freely used the bathtub as his own personal litter box. BUT I was pleasantly surprised because, bless his heart, he had pretty much cleaned it all up already!!! My little heart was very grateful for that! So I had some mild cleaning/bleaching/vacuuming to do, but nothing too intensive or disgusting. Yay!! Next time we leave I will make sure I TRIPLE check the bathroom door so that retarded cat can’t get in there. He has serious issues, no joke!

But I have been trying to do a bit to the house while we’ve been here. I did finally scrub out our shower. I’d been putting that off. You know that it never gets better the longer you put it off. We had one of those automatic shower cleaners in there, but had run out of cleaning solution and I just kept forgetting to replace it. So…. I had some scrubbing to do myself. Well, me and the scrubbing bubbles! But in the end the shower was clean and sparkling and I thoroughly enjoyed it for my “spa night.” I’m always in such a hurry in the mornings that getting ready has become a very quick thing. So I don’t always take time for the maintenance that I so desperately NEED these days. But I did the other night and it felt great! Deep condition treated my hair. Took time to actually USE a pumice stone on my really icky feet as well as a foot scrub! That was also amazing, especially after Stu gave me a good foot rub with some awesome foot balm. So I’m working on putting a little more ME TIME into my routine, because I don’t want to look like a frump mom. *sigh* I’m looking into getting a “steam setter” for my hair so I can do curly more easily. If you’ve had any experience w/ those and have tips, tricks or secrets to tell, please do before I invest! The reason I’m looking at them now is because “supposedly” the steam is better for your hair than say, hot rollers, or a curling iron. And they “say” the curl actually lasts longer too! I’m just looking for something new. Stuart likes my hair long, and of course, he’s the only person who’s opinion REALLY matters to me, but I do need a change now and then. So it’s a color or a trim or some curl, I dunno… something. 😉

Hmmm… well I covered the Mildew… let’s see, oh yes. I mopped today too while the lad’s were sleeping. Yay me!!

The milestone is I’m sure what y’all were wondering about. Well, if you follow my strange, off the wall, and random Facebook status messages you’ll know already that we had a “break through” moment with Qade’s potty training on Sunday. He just out of the blue, no prompting whatsoever told me, “I want to go poop on the potty.” This declaration disturbed me somewhat because generally if he says ANYTHING potty related, it means it’s too late. Plus I was doing our camp laundry and hadn’t had any unders to put on him that day so while he WAS wearing shorts, he was still commando. So I was nervous about what would happen when he actually stood up, and slightly surprised when nothing came rolling out. Sorry… but I’m a mom, and most of you are too, so you can handle the messy truth! 🙂 Anyway, he got on the pot and did his thing. SCORE!!! I was thrilled beyond belief! It happened a second time that day as well!! Ahhhh!! So happy! Today, however, has been a different story and we have sailed through 3 pairs of unders getting wet before I finally decided that he would run around naked since he seems less inclined to have those accidents when there’s nothing to catch them. Oh well…. two steps forward one back. *double sigh*

BUT Qade is not our only little monkey having some milestones. Today as I sat in the bathroom after nap time coaching Qade I heard the distinct rumble of Myle’s little feet on the floor. Stu had just got back from town so I assumed he had snagged the lad out of his crib because that’s where I had left him blinking as he tried to wake up for real. Then Stuart’s voice floated in, “Did you get Myles up?” Uh… no! That little rascal had managed for the FIRST TIME to climb out of his bed!!! WOW! Stu and I had just been talking THIS MORNING about when we’d break out Myle’s “big boy bed.” Guess it will be sooner rather than later. Stu went and put Myles back in his crib and sat in the room trying to see if he’d do it again, but when I walked in Myles was standing there saying “help” ha ha! Guess he wasn’t as willing to do it with an audience. *sniff sniff* My littlest buddy is getting all big and grown up. No body asked me if that was okay! 😉

So that pretty much brigs us up to now. Baby girl (who does have a name first AND middle now, but will still remain anonymous until her debut) has been doing well, and is getting pretty strong. Today I was watching my belly actually move and jump with all her antics! I really want for Qade to feel her move, but don’t know if he has the patience to sit w/ his hand on my tummy waiting for her to move. So I’ll have to time it just right, but that’ll be an interesting moment. 🙂 Qade does talk to everyone about his “baby sisser” so even though I’m not sure how much is sinking in, there are at least some things that he sorta gets. 🙂

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