The Relocators

That’s the title my lads should use as their umbrella corporation. 🙂 As I was watching them play outside today I though again, as I have often recently, about how I never considered moving two handfuls of dirt from one place to another to be so delightful! Apparently I’m missing out. Qade and Myles, but Myles in particular, will pick up dirt, rocks, pine cones, or pine straw and oh so carefully take it somewhere else and toss it down. Myles will walk around and around with his little fists clenched tightly around a bunch of gravel that he managed to snag until he decides the place is perfect then down they go. It cracks me up! Today Qade decided he needed to “Work on the trees” so he spent quite some time pouring dirt down the tree trunks and trying to fit pine straw in the cracks in the bark. I love their little imaginations at work. Myles has been taste testing most of the organic stuff around here. Though when he picked up doo-doo of some kind on the field last night I was quick to tell him to drop it. Uck!

Camp is a magical, exciting time for youngsters!! The campers are of course always excited/exciting and the staff are generally thrilled to be at camp, but for the camp kids there’s just something about it that’s wonderful! They get to interact with each other, and believe me Qade loves playing with his buddies. But they also get to interact with the staff, and in my thinking that’s even better. For young children to be able to watch and play and learn with dedicated Christian young adults is just a fantastic opportunity! The kids don’t look at it that way, of course. To them it’s just someone else to play with or talk to. But I’m thankful for the influence that other Christians can have on my kids, and there’s no more fun and concentrated way for them to get that experience than through camp.

I miss being in the middle of the action and a part of all the excitement. But as a Mommy of 2 very active lads I have different priorities right now. I get to be on the sidelines cheering on my man who is in the midst of it all. (Not the least big jealous, oh no!) 😉 And I get to watch my kiddos taking it all in. Camp has been such a big part of my life, that sometimes I feel like I’m somehow “missing out” on it all. But when I really stop and consider I realize that my time in those roles has passed. And there may come a time again when I actually can spend more time “out there” enjoying the excitement of camp, but that time is not right now. There are other things that I really would miss that I could never have again if I didn’t keep my family the first priority. Plus this year I’m so fat and sluggish with baby girl on the way, I’m practically worthless anyway. 🙂 SO I will enjoy my “job” as camp wife and mommy, and enjoy watching my lads grow though the summer as they experience new things and new people. I’ll also do my best to learn and grow from the situations that do come my way this summer as we all work together to reach the next generation for Christ!

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