Cuddle Bug

It’s funny how something can strike you, totally out of context, in strange and unexpected ways. Today, just in passing, Stuart said to me, “You have someone to cuddle with 24 hours a day!” Ha ha!! Guess that’s true. Only he was using it in the sense that HE should get to have all of the blankets because I should be warm already. 😉 Na-uh!

But I got to thinking about it, and it struck me differently. I do have someone to “cuddle” with 24 hours a day. It made me stop and consider, and be thankful. I’m so thankful for our little one ‘brewing’ in there! This pregnancy has been harder on me physically than either of the boys were, and sometimes I think I get a little caught up in the “aches and pains” or other annoyances (2am bathroom trips, anyone?) more than I should. Yes, my back/hip/whole pelvis is painful daily, but it’s not unbearable. Yes, sometimes I still feel that queasiness that I would like to forget, but it’s not bad. Sometimes I don’t remember to drink enough water all day so then I’m parched before bed and guzzle a bunch meaning that I won’t be getting as much undisturbed sleep. Sometimes I’m so exhausted that I feel like I can barely function while ‘baking’ a baby and chasing after my wonderfully rambunctious lads.

Yes, those days/things are there, but I also get to cuddle with my baby 24/7!! There’s just nothing like that! The kicks and jabs that sometimes rob me of sleep are something that I cherish. I love the fact that sometimes it feels like our baby girl is just stretching for all she’s (and I’m) worth. I love that I can put my hand on my largish belly and she will often respond with a wiggle or a kick. Yep, I get to cuddle her 24/7! Who knows when she is born if she’ll be the cuddly type. My boys each like to cuddle in spurts between their capers and hijinks! Maybe she won’t be the “touchy” type, or maybe she’ll just be too busy trying to keep up with those big brothers. Who knows? What I do know is that right now I get to cuddle our little lass, and I’m going to enjoy every minute! Even if it is uncomfy for me to sit still for long. 😉

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