It’s a new dawn

… “it’s a new day. It’s a new life! And I’m feelin’ good!!”

Today was a NEW day and I feel like I got a lot done even if my home doesn’t reflect the effort. 🙂 Laundry was washed and dried, though not folded. (yet) The dishwasher is on it’s 3rd, yes that’s right THIRD, load of dishes as I type! The fridge got all it’s icky sticky leftovers tossed, though I haven’t yet washed down the shelves. Ugh! That was a hard one for me. My super-bionic pregnancy sense of smell does not aid in those situations!! Blah! But I don’t want to think about that!

The lads and I got to spend some good time outside today and that was oodles of fun!! They got dirty from head to toe which of course means that they had a blast! 🙂 My brain is slowly starting to process the fact that camp is nearly here and I’d better do some planning so I at least have diapers on hand while we’re there! Priorities change a lot when you have kids. 😉

So the rest of this week is dedicated to cleaning/mouse proofing/packing. Except for tomorrow morning, we have our play-date. Can’t miss that for something as silly as cleaning house! 😉 But seriously there have been some things that I’ve been putting off that MUST be done this week. So here I go. Tomorrow after our play date, I’m going to be going through the lad’s closet and purging a lot of stuff! Now that we “know” this baby is a girlie, I won’t feel so bad about giving away some of the cute boy clothes that I’ve been hanging onto. So if you have a lad that is younger than mine, don’t be surprised if I “bless” you with a big bag of clothes sometime soon. 😉 I also need to pack up all of their extra blankets and sheets and such in a rubbermade so that the mice don’t decide to build nests in/with them. Ick!! I don’t even want to think about that, but hopefully our cat will get his act together enough to be a deterrent to the mice even if he isn’t smart enough to actually catch them.

Today I processed the pics from graduation on Saturday. It was fun! I think that we got our name/face out there if nothing else. We have had several people ask about getting family portraits done. That was encouraging. 🙂 I’m going to be making guinea pigs out of my friends w/ families this summer as much as possible to build experience and my portfolio. I’d much rather do kids and fams instead of just high school seniors, but you’ve got to start somewhere, and I’m not planning on being THAT selective! In fact I’m super excited about doing my own portrait shoot with our little one when she arrives. Newborn photography is SO fun!!

And when I wasn’t cleaning out yucky leftovers and editing pictures or playing outside today, I was browsing Amazon for ‘stuff’ for our little Lass. I want to do a “giraffe” theme in her little room, and here are some things I found.

I just LOVE this poster!! I’m going to get a frame for it and make it look all artsy, but as big as it is I’ll basically need nothing else on her wall.

We got build-a-bears for the lads before they were born, but I searched ALL over their site looking for a giraffe and they don’t seem to have one now. They did a couple years back but apparently it was a limited edition or something. Anyway, I found this cutie and very cuddly looking one that I think I may get instead.
Then this floor mat, is of course not necessary, but I thought it would make a good rug too. 🙂 Her room is a very tiny one just so you know.
Our infant car seat is blue, and both of the boys used it. I’m a little at a loss for what to do with it. I found this ADORABLE giraffe print car seat cover, but unfortunately it’s pricy. I could buy a whole new car seat for the same price. So I’m not really sure what I’m going to do about this. I know it wouldn’t damage our daughter for life to ride in a blue infant seat, but at the same time I kinda want to revel in the girly-ness, ya know? 🙂 We’ll see, but here it is just so you can see how cute it is.
Copy of Modest Posh Giraffe Pink

The little girl’s room is going to be painted in a chocolate brown and “latte cream” color. One and a half walls will be solid brown and the other’s will be cream w/ “chocolate” polka dots. 🙂 I’m looking forward to decorating, but of course that will all have to wait till after camp. The room is Stu’s office space right now, so we’ll have to do some redistributing as far as what goes where in our house. I have already hogged up the big spare room with my studio. I’m sure it’ll all work out just fine though.

So on those happy girlie decorating thoughts I’ll bid you adieu! I just caught my lads streaking through the house sans diaper AND unders! I don’t want to know what happened in the time it took for me to notice. 😉 Little boys, so much adventure in every day! Ha ha ha!

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