Ridin’ in the backseat

A short time ago we were traveling somewhere as a family. It happened to be one of those days out here in the flat lands where the winds were whipping around in fantastic gusts that can reach 60 MPH. We were driving on the interstate, dodging tractor trailers that were swaying in the wind, and I was gripping the handle of the door with all the strength in my hand. As if that would help, right? 🙂 Just after a particularly blustery moment when my adrenaline was racing, I looked back at the boys all comfy and secure in their car seats, and realized that they didn’t have a care in the world at that moment. I’m sure they were aware that the vehicle was rocking with the wind, but it didn’t phase them. It was one of those “ah-ha” moments for me actually. I was suddenly transported back to my own childhood when I’d be the kid riding in the backseat. Only we didn’t do car seats. Ha! We three kids would be back there playing some made up game to keep ourselves occupied, more often on the floor than actually in the seats, and even if there was snow and ice or rain and hail and wind, we weren’t the least concerned. In fact, one trip that I remember was when our family was on the interstate in a blizzard!! Oh yes! Mom and Dad, I later learned, were stressed to the max in this situation, but even when our car went off the road and sunk deep into the snow on the side, we kids just thought it was a joy ride! Ha ha!

Know why? Because as kids we have unwavering trust in the protection of our parents. Blizzards, no problem, Dad’s driving. Wind and hail and cows flying through the air? Nothing to worry about. Mom and Dad are here with us. That’s how I felt as a child. I didn’t KNOW that it was a potentially dangerous situation or that I should be scared or worried because from the back seat I could see Mom and Dad and knew that they had it taken care of. That’s how my lads feel too! Wow!

But after that little light bulb came an even bigger one. One that I’ve thought about several times recently. As I tool along on the interstate of this life, I should be in the backseat watching my Heavenly Father take care of it as He drives. I know it’s an old “concept” that we are to let God take the wheel of our life and trust Him that it will all be okay in the end. But too often I’ve found myself white-knuckling the dash as I “let” God drive. When really, I should be in the backseat looking out the windows care free, and worry free because I know my Father is going to drive me safely to wherever it is I’m going.

Maybe it doesn’t strike a chord in you the way it did me. God teaches us all in our own unique “ah-ha” moments. I just wanted to share this one with you all. Perhaps you can relate? If so, like me, I hope that you will think about riding in the backseat of your life while your “Daddy” drives. 🙂

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