Friday Fix-it

I heart faces does this cool thing for Fridays where they give you a photo, al la this one,


and then they encourage you to “fix” the photo with editing programs. Basically all this does is get you more experience in how to deal with digital photos.

This photo is cute, but the lighting and color and such are not so good. SO, I popped it into Aperture because that’s the program I use the most and came up with this fix.


I took the color temp WAY cooler. Then I also took off her boo boo on the forehead. Next I bumped up the brightness A LOT which really washed it out. So I adjusted the Recovery, Contrast, and Black point, to make it look more balanced. After that I took the vibrancy WAY up as well and brought the saturation down somewhat. I jiggled the Luminance on the Red just a touch and added a heavy vignette. I like to do that when the background seems kind of irrelevant to the photo. Anyway, what do you think? Better?? There is still quite a bit of noise in the photo, but I do think it’s an improvement.

On my second fix, I did pretty much the same process with the levels, but this time I first changed the photo to a color monochrome in an almost creamy shade. Then once I messed with the settings I took the intensity level on the monochrome down just a little bit to let some of the natural color come through. I also cropped out some of the background.

4625503417_70f9bd36eb_b - Version 2

Tell me what you think??

You can see more of the “fixes” if you visit the I heart faces site. It’s pretty cool what people can do with a little creativity and some good programs!!

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