Hit the brakes!!

It’s going to be one big loopy roller coaster ride from now till the end of camp… and maybe beyond, who knows! Still I find myself mentally balking. I like to keep life simple. In fact I’d like to keep it a lot simpler than I have honestly. I have a book that’s on my “Waiting to be read” list called “Keeping Life Simple” “7 Guiding Principles 500 tips & Ideas.” Not sure 500 is simple, but I’m interested to see what this book has to offer. Sometimes I feel like life is this huge pulsing ocean and I’m just riding the waves trying to keep my head above the water. I’d ever so much rather ride the waves and enjoy them like a surfer. 🙂

I know that there will be busy times that I can’t control and just need to go with the flow. But too often I feel like the busyness is a weight instead of something I can manage. Kind of random, I know. I don’t really know how to put it all into words. I just know that simplify is what I need to do. Instead of adding stress to a situation that I can’t “make perfect” I just need to do what I can and then let it be. Obsessing certainly isn’t the key to happiness. That much I do know! Ha!!

Starting this photography business has been an added stress component in life lately. It’s a lot of fun and I enjoy it too, but I’d be silly to say that there isn’t any stress involved. I know I have SO much to learn, and it can be a pretty steep learning curve. So that doesn’t help my confidence level which in turn adds an extra level of stress. It’s not that I don’t think I can do it. I know I can! I just need to add more tools to my photography belt to make sure that I’m very confident that I can deliver at the level that I think I should and that the clients deserve. It’ll take time. I’m not afraid of that. If anything I’m nervous about pushing myself to the point where I’m not enjoying it. It’s all worthless if that happens.

The camp stuff there really isn’t anything I can do about. Right now it’s the nature of the beast. I do believe that it will change in the future ad the camp is settled permanently and the staff is all here and knows what to do. It’ll become more fluid and “easier.” At least in my dreams that’s what happens. 😉 Right now things are disjointed and jumbled up because we have people all over the country trying to help run camp and make things happen. It certainly adds a layer of difficulty for everyone involved, and because we have other pulls on our time (i.e. Life) during the rest of the year, a lot of things get shoved to the bottom of the priority pile until we all get this “last minute panic” mode to get it all done. Ha! Just the way it is, but yes it adds stress.

So tonight I want to just imagine myself on the tippy top of a mountain. Maybe in the “meadows” that we used to hike to in Colorado. That or a deserted beach somewhere where I can sit and listen to the waves lapping and stick my toes in the sand. 🙂 Ahhhhh! Yes, that’ll do it! I won’t think about camp or about photos at graduation. Just relax my neck and shoulders and enjoy some left over chocolate cobbler with vanilla ice cream! Oh yeah!

On a completely unrelated topic, our cat caught a lizard today! I was so proud of him!!! I was beginning to wonder if our “city kitty” was going to be able to dig deep inside that cat psyche and pull out the instinct enough to actually help keep our pests at bay! Ha! This is a good sign. Not that I have anything against lizards, but perhaps with this one hunting victory behind him, he’ll be able to pull of other more important ones.

And another unrelated note. Our little girl got her first (of many, I’m sure) stuffed animals this week! My brother “won” this baby Taz at an arcade, funny story! Anyway, I was the Taz of our family so I guess he’s insinuating that our sweet, angelic, lady-like, baby girl will have the same tendencies. 😉 Ha ha!! Wouldn’t be surprised! My mom always said I needed one just like me. So here’s the lil Taz. My boys have been taking turns carrying it around. Myles especially seems to think it’s a pretty nifty “Sooze” which is what he calls ALL stuffed toys because he has a “Dr. Seusse” toy. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Toodle-oo!

Baby Taz

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