And Whoosh, it’s gone

That’s what happened today. I opened my eyes late! Actually, I got up and made my hubs some lunch and then crawled back into bed where it was warm, and slept for another hour and a half!!! Guess I needed it. But the inside baby and the outside babies were ready to get up before I was STILL! I think the lads actually needed a bit more rest this morning too, because instead of the squeals and squaks that I usually hear over the monitor, I heard nothing for quite some time, then only some quiet chatter. And then when I did finally pull my lazy carcass out of bed and go get them up, they were both cozily cuddled up in their respective beds with their blankies. Awwwww!

Anyway, maybe that’s why the day seemed to fly. My dad got here just as we were finishing breakfast and brought us donuts!!! Can’t beat that as a breakfast dessert! Then I cleaned up the house a smidge and decided that we just HAD to take a walk. So the lads loaded up in their 2 seat buggie and off we went. The walk was great, and the lads had a fine time playing outside after we got back. Then we had lunch and then we needed to make an emergency trip to the store and grab Daddy a Dr. Pepper and take it to work. Sometimes it just happens! 🙂

So nap time was just a little delayed. And while the lads were relaxing I was getting some of my photo orders ready for pick up. The photography thing has been fun! But it is INDEED a lot of work! For this poor lazy mom it can be a shock to my system!! 😉 But however it goes we got permission to set up and do graduation photos on Saturday during graduation. That will be an experience worth remembering and I’m sure I’ll tell you all about it. Pray for us if you think of it. It’ll be great to get the extra exposure and all, but could be a very stressful situation as well.

Anyway, the afternoon whizzed away and then suddenly it was time to think about dinner. We had a guest coming over tonight and were going to grill chicken. I had several different things that all needed the oven and had to think quick about what to do first. I made the infamous chocolate cobbler for dessert. It was SOOOO yummy!! Of course the first batch of batter I tried I had to toss because I misread the directions and put in 3x’s the milk it called for. *sigh* But the end result was delish! At the advice of a friend I used hot coffee in the recipe instead of hot water! Yuuuuuummmmmm!! You’ve got to try it, seriously!!

So anyway, here we are at the end of the day. The sun has gone down and it’s getting “dawk” as Qade would say. One lad is down and out and the other will be on his way shortly. I don’t really know where the day has gone, but it’s been good anyway. 🙂

Happy Lime Green Thursday, friends!

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